Travel to Penjikent – tours and attractions

Travel to Penjikent - tours and attractions

Pendjikent is that preserved piece of the past that blends harmoniously with the modern areas of Tajikistan. Here you will find buildings with petroglyphs, medieval citadels, and ancient settlements – all these wonderful sights, which you can get acquainted with during the tour from Minzifa Travel!

What to see in Penjikent?

Penjikent is an ancient town of Central Asia, whose history began more than 5,000 years ago. The name of the resort is “Five Villages”: according to one of the versions, it was on the basis of five settlements that the resort was created.

When you come to Pendjikent be sure to visit:

  • ancient settlement. On the edge of the city tourists will see an amazing picture from the past. In the 40s of last century, archaeological excavations were conducted here, during which they managed to find a lot of interesting things: the citadel, palace, temples, courtyards, three-story and multi-room dwellings. Of particular interest to travelers are sculptures made of wood, wall paintings, colorful paintings: Hindu deities, depictions of scenes of hunting, feasts and dances;
  • Rudaki Mausoleum, built in honor of the Tajik poet. The ancestor’s biography is not fully understood, so it is not known exactly where he is buried. But in the middle of the last century excavations and opening of the tomb were conducted, and it was determined that the poet is really buried here;
  • Sarazm village. The name of the village translates as “the beginning of the land. Due to the religious palace buildings, the settlement is of cultural and historical value. Here you can see perfectly preserved palace buildings, temples of fire, bronze, gold and silver ornaments;
  • Khazrati Bobo complex. The basis of the complex are religious buildings. Legend has it that one of the mausoleums (Sohibkiron) was built in just one night. Who exactly is buried in the tomb is unknown, but the locals carefully take care of the grave. Hazrati Bobo is a medieval architectural monument, consisting of several buildings. Therefore you should take a few hours to get to know it;
  • Mausoleum of Muhammad Bashoro. It was built in the XI century, and 3 centuries later the portal was added to it. According to archeologists, originally the mausoleum was a mosque. Whether Bashoro is actually buried here is unknown.

Weather in Penjikent

Penjikent has a continental climate. In July, the temperature rises to 23 ° C, and in January, it drops to -2 ° C. The rainy season is in April, with the least rainfall in August.

When is the best time to go to Penjikent?

Inexperienced tourists are superficial about choosing the right time to travel. However, it is the season that determines the type of vacation and travel experience. It is best to come to Penjikent in the summer months:

  • June. In this month the flowers are blooming in the city, all the most interesting sights are available, and there are not so many tourists;
  • July. This is the hottest month of the year, so you should not come with children. But if vacationers have a desire to sunbathe, then this time is perfect;
  • August. Most travelers note that this is the best time to go to Penjikent. Of the summer months, it is in August that the weather is stable and the tourist flow is reduced – the maximum unity with nature.

Penjikent is the center of Oriental civilization, where the history of Sogdians was created. A fascinating journey with Minzifa Travel will take you to a magical, mysterious and eastern Zoroastrian fairy tale. To book a tour please contact us on WhatsApp, e-mail See you again in the Orient!

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