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Tajikistan is a vivid example of how behind every fall there is a rise, and instead of enslavement always comes freedom. Dive into the history of the original land with Minzifa Travel!

Tajikistan is the oldest state in the world: once in its place was Sogdiana. The country is located in Central Asia, and even the lack of access to the sea does not diminish the interest of tourists. Unique nature and excellent opportunities for outdoor activities, historical monuments and modern cities – welcome to the state of contrasts!

History of Tajikistan

The history of the Tajik Republic goes back to antiquity, to the first millennium B.C. At first the Bactrian and Sogdian tribes lived on the territory of the country, and by the 10th century A.D. the Iranian-speaking tribes took over the Tajik lands. Arabs, Samanids, Mongol-Tatars – over such a long history, the people of modern Tajikistan have been subjected to serious changes more than once.

Since the territory of Tajikistan still remembers the steps of the participants of the Great Silk Road, there is no doubt that even in those distant times the state had a well-developed economy. For a long time the main religion was Zoroastrianism, then – Buddhism, and only then the Tajiks became Muslims.

Tajikistan began to follow a relatively independent path in 1929, after the formation of the Tajik Soviet Union. Full freedom was achieved only after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the adoption of the Declaration of Sovereignty in 1991.

What to see in Tajikistan?

It all depends on how many days tourists have at their disposal, and what type of vacation they prefer. But even if you are in an Asian country just for a couple of days and have no idea what you want to see first, be sure to visit:

  • Lake Karakul is a great opportunity to fence off any noise and enjoy the sounds of nature. You can swim – the water is crystal clear, but very cold even in summer;
  • Fann Mountains – in addition to breathtaking glaciers and lakes, a great chance for extreme entertainment: rafting or mountain trekking;
  • The Pamirs are the perfect place for winter fans. Even in summer, the peaks of the glaciers are decorated with snow, and because of the harsh climate, the resort attracts climbers who want to tickle their nerves with dangerous climbs;
  • the flagpole in Dushanbe, a famous project of Dubai architects, who are very fond of everything “the best. This landmark was not left out either: the world’s tallest flag, which took more than three million dollars to erect;
  • The National Museum, an attraction that is interesting both inside and out. The museum has collections and exhibits, through which tourists learn all the most important and interesting things from the history of Tajikistan. The building is made in the Baroque style – you can get beautiful authentic pictures on its background. There is a park around the museum, so you can stroll through the narrow streets in the shade of trees or sit on a bench with a book;
  • Hissar fortress – amazing ruins, which despite the history of more than 2000 years, looks like a modern building. The structure once served a defensive function, and it was here that members of the ruling dynasty of Tajikistan lived.

Weather in Tajikistan

The dry sharply continental climate and the bright altitude zone strongly influence the weather in the country and the preferences of tourists. In the cities in summer the thermometer reaches 30 ° C in the shade, and in the mountains the temperature does not rise above 15 ° C. In winter the capital rarely gets frosts, but in the highlands the temperature drops to -27 and -50 ° C.

From October to summer in Tajikistan there are frequent storms, and with the advent of warmth residents of the country observe prolonged sandstorms. In February, the rainy season begins, which does not subside in the spring months.

When is the best time to go to Tajikistan?

Recall that the Tajik Republic is a land of contrasts, which means that the vacation in July will be very different from the December trip. And it’s not just the weather, but also the atmosphere, which quickly adjusts to the changes in nature and the mood of tourists and locals.

  • summer in Tajikistan is good in the mountains – there is no snow on the roads, it is cool and fresh;
  • Autumn is a time for atmospheric walks: the mountain landscapes take on new colors, and the markets are filled with the tastiest fruits;
  • winter is a great opportunity to explore the museums of the country. You can go to a mountain resort, but the high mountain passes in winter are forbidden;
  • Spring – full-flowing lakes, bright green grass and an abundance of colorful flowers. In March, the Tajiks widely celebrate Nowruz, so tourists will have the opportunity to experience the culture of the people.

Tajikistan is a fascinating land that offers vacationers many surprises. Are you ready to be a part of the mysterious journey? Then join Minzifa Travel. For questions about booking tours, please contact on WhatsApp, e-mail See you in Tajikistan!

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