Travel to Talas, Kyrgyzstan

Travel to Talas

Talas is the most unvisited and therefore underappreciated place on the map of Kyrgyzstan. The region is separated from other regions by high mountains, and most tourists unknowingly pass it by. It’s time to correct this omission with Minzifa Travel!

What to see in Talas?

Talas valley is a unique natural attractions, which is not inferior to the lakes and gorges of the other part of Kyrgyzstan. And if you are ready to walk through the most unspoiled corner of Kyrgyzstan and enjoy the way of life, traditions and colors of the Kyrgyz people, welcome to an amazing trip!

Despite the fact that Talas is the smallest region of the country, there is a lot to see for tourists:

  • Besh-Tash reserve. It is one of the youngest attractions of the area, established in 1996. Today it is a park expanse, where the rarest representatives of flora and fauna are located. The national park is designed to preserve the pristine nature of Kyrgyzstan and to introduce its beauty to all comers. In the reserve you can find pine and spruce, juniper, fir, and rare Tien Shan fir: some representatives of the plant world are included in the Red Book. The lake of the same name with the depth of up to 28 meters also attracts tourists. Thanks to the transparent and clear water and unique shades Besh-Tash reminds one of a turquoise sky. There is also a river with exactly the same name, where there are trout, which cannot fail to please fishermen;
  • Manas-Ordo. This is a cultural and historical complex based on the story of Manas, the main epic hero of Kyrgyzstan. The epic has a historical basis, so most of the descriptions in it are not fiction. The main attraction of the complex is the tomb of the hero. But in fact, this is just a tribute to memory: Manas is buried in a completely different place. Nearby there is an alley for leisurely strolls and a thematic museum;
  • Kirov Reservoir. The most interesting thing here is the dam, which depicts Lenin. It is a monument from the Soviet period and one of the largest monuments of this format. Construction of the reservoir began in the 60’s and lasted 10 years. Its main function is to irrigate the Talas Valley with water accumulated during the spring and winter. If you are lucky, tourists can see the discharge of water from the large dam. With a noise, the water gushing out of the sluices forms a large column of water dust.

Weather in Thalassa

Talas has an arid continental climate. During the winter months, the thermometer column goes down to -10 ° C, and in the summer the temperature stays at +31 ° C. In the fall and spring, it is warm, there is no rain and no wind, and it is sunny most of the time.

When is the best time to go to Talas?

In June, the temperature is steady at +20 ° C, and this is when the tourist season begins. During the summer months it rarely rains: the most visited month is July. But many tour operators advise tourists to come in August, when the velvet season begins.

In March, Talas starts the rainy season, so those who like dry weather should postpone their trip. But if vacationers like to take walks in the rain, then spring is the perfect time to do it.

The least number of tourists come to the area in January and February – it’s cold, frosty and damp. And it’s not surprising, because the basis of the resort – the natural attractions, which may not be available in the winter. But in the fall, holidaymakers are sure to appreciate the sunny and warm weather, so conducive to any trip around the city and the valley.

Exploring Talas is a fascinating activity, which every year finds more and more admirers. You can always join their number with Minzifa Travel. Call and write us on WhatsApp, e-mail We are always glad to meet new friends!

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