Turkmenistan Adventure Tour


Regarded as one of the most mysterious and secluded places on earth, receiving even lesser number of tourists than North Korea, the central Asian country of Turkmenistan possesses a wealth of fascinating tourist sites ranging from ancient ruins to modern marble clad buildings. The Kopet Deg mountain range and the vast Karakum Desert also challenge you to some extent to get adventurous and live your life to the fullest. Turkmenistan adventure tours give you a chance to take advantage of all of the above in one single package besides admiring the beauty and uniqueness of the country.

Turkmenistan In Detail

A relatively young country which only got independence in 1991, the history of the region can be traced back to as early as 8th Century AD. It was settled as an oasis in the middle of Karakum Desert by Turkic speaking tribes of Oghuz who formed the ethnic base of the modern Turkmenistan. After the opening of the Great Silk Road route, cities like Merv and Konye Urgench became one of the major cities in Central Asia and important caravanserais. The total area where the celebrated Merv is located consists of what was once five cities. The entire region is filled with ruined monuments and artefacts which apprise a compelling story of the prosperity ancient Merv. Even if most of the sites are ruined that make it impossible to imagine what the city looked like, the atmosphere is what makes it unique.

Most of the region is rugged and rough which is a perfect fit for intrepid travelers. Horse trekking, camping, road trips through the trails are just some of the things you’d get to enjoy in the Kopet Dag mountain range.

Some Adventourous Sites In Turkmenistan Are:


Called by locals as “Door to Hell,” it is a continuously burning natural gas pit which was set on fire way back in 1971.

Karakum Desert

This is a vast desert which constitutes 80% of country’s land. Desert camping and off road trips are something you should try in here.

Kow Ata Underground Lake

This is a 235-feet wide lake located 200 feet beneath the surface, underground. It is presumably a natural thermal spa where the water is always around 35’C.

Saglyk Yoly, Path of Health, Ashgabat

A stairs of length 30 kilometers through the mountains south of Ashgabat, it was constructed with an aim of encouraging the Turkmen to become physically fit and active.


It is a small village located in the unmarked valley of Kopet Dag Mountains. The village is very close to the Iranian border and has a sizeable population who consider themselves as descendants of Alexander the Great. From here, you can go on a guided hiking or trekking tour into the mountain trails.

Caspian Sea

It is the largest inland lake in the world, named a sea because of its huge size. It borders with Turkmenistan from the southeast and forms a coastline of 1,748 km. Whenever you feel the need of hitting the beaches, you can always take a trip to Caspian Sea.

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