Turkmenistan And Uzbekistan Group Tour

The country of Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan perfectly complement each other to provide a fulfilling group tour experience which demand for variety, uniqueness, and of course, fun. Both countries have got some interesting tourist places that the whole group can enjoy and admire.


Turkmenistan just like other countries in Central Asia has been the crossroad of civilization for multiple centuries. Almost 80% of the country’s landform is desert with Great Balkhan Range being the only significant elevation along with Köýtendag Range. The Great Silk Road route goes through some of the cities in Turkmenistan which are now major tourist hubs in the country.


The capital city of Ashgabat looks like none other on this planet with its artificial white marble buildings that are built throughout the city. Ashgabat has made its mark on the Guinness Book of World Records for having the most marble-clad constructs in the world and for world’s largest enclosed Ferris wheel which is built atop a building complex.


The city is located on an oasis amidst Karakum Desert and is the third largest city of the country. The modern city lies near to the remains of a prominent ancient city, Merv, which was also an oasis city located on the Silk Road. Currently the city is best known for its Regional Museum which accommodates a rich collection of ancient artifacts, Turkmen carpets and artworks, and other monuments signifying country’s rich history.


Located in the middle of Karakum Desert, Derweze is a small village with a modest population of less than thousand. The main point of attraction of this village is a crater site which locals have dubbed as “Door to Hell.” The crater site is a giant fiery gas pit burning for more than four decades. Following a drilling disaster, the pit was set on fire to avoid poisonous gas discharge which geologists estimated would burn for matter of days, but is continuing to do so till this day.


Also known as old or ancient Urgech, it houses the ruins of the capital of Khwarezm which is left undisturbed after its inhabitants deserted the place to develop another settlement at a better location. The ruins are now inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list and are a major tourist attraction. The modern town of Urgench lies in the country of Uzbekistan where it is an important transportation hub.


The enigmatic yet beautiful country of Uzbekistan lies to the northeast of Turkmenistan which is home to some of the interesting places in Central Asia. The offerings are many and diverse which will carter to every other individual in your group.A trip to the Uzbek cities covered in this tour will unequivocally take you back in time.


One of the most noteworthy cities of Central Asia, especially for its ancient fortress of Itchan-Kala which is now listed in UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city is an important historical site which has over 50 historical monuments and 250 old houses most of them from the 18th and 19th Century.


The city of Bukhara which is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia has over 140 architectural monuments many of which are now recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites. Po-i-Kalyan complex which is an architectural complex signifying the intellectual importance of ancient Bukhara is now among the main point of interests in Uzbekistan.


Known as the “Crossroad of Cultures” for its strategic location along the Silk Road, the city has carefully preserved its heritages of traditional crafts and artwork, gold embroidery and silk weaving techniques, and ceramics. It’s most notable landmark, The Registan Square, which is an ensemble will give you a sense of its glorious past.


The capital city of Uzbekistan which was settled as an oasis grew in prominence since the Kokand Khanate and Tsarist Period. Its perfect mix of cosmopolitan and medieval environment makes it a unique place to be in Uzbekistan. After this tour, you’ll be equipped with a strong historical and cultural sense of two of most wonderful countries in Central Asia. With continuous development in tourism undertaken by government authorities of both countries, the travel experience is only going to get better.

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