Turkmenistan-Uzbekistan-Tajikistan Group Tour

Voyage through some of the spellbinding places of Central Asia that were once a prominent place serving as important trading centers and staging post along the Silk Road route. The triad of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan complement and at the same time contrast each other to provide a satisfying Central Asian group tour experience.



It is the capital city of Turkmenistan and also the largest city located in between Kopet Dag mountain range and Karakum Desert. The white marble-clad buildings in between the greenery of the parks in the backdrop of the mountain ranges are just pleasure to the eye. It is also home to many mosques and markets.


It is the second largest city of Turkmenistan which was previously known as Merv, referred to as “The Pearl of the East.” The ruins of the ancient city are now a main tourist attraction.


A small village where the Darvaza gas crater or the “Door to Hell” is located which is a fiery burning pit with a diameter of 69 meters. The vicinity of the crater is popular desert camping site.


The ancient part of Urgench which was formerly the capital of Khorezm Empire, there is colossal amount of historical monuments both in ruined and intact form which are part of UNESCO World Heritage Sites List. The modern city of Urgench is located in Uzbekistan.



The inner town of Khiva, Itchan-Kala, which was established as a fortress town guarded by meters high mud brick walls is the main tourist destination in Khiva. The Juma Minaret which is 47 meters high gives an excellent overlooking view of the entire Khiva town.


Bukhara which is a city-museum with over 140 architectural monuments, it’s a treasure trove for groups with a mission to explore ancient past. The city houses many mosques and madrasahs which apprises its significance as a center of trade and scholarship.


During the medieval period, it was a major transit point along the Silk Road route which facilitated trade, commerce, and cultural exchange. For this reason, it was dubbed as “Crossroad of Cultures.” Today in the city there are numerous marvelous monuments and buildings glorifying its golden past.


The capital city of Tashkent is a huge metropolis with mesmerizing avenues, gardens, and restaurants, while at the same time being an authentic oriental city with chimes, museums, and handful of ancient monuments.



One of the oldest cities in Central Asia, it was a major staging post along the Silk Road route. It houses the gigantic Khujand Fortress which occupies an area of 40 hectares and the Museum of Sugdh which has over 1200 exhibitions.


This city which is located at the entrance of Zeravshan Valley was a major city of the Sogdian Empire. The remains of the ancient city still can be traced down just outside of the city which is now an important excavation site.

Seven Lakes

A chain of seven lakes which are also known as Marguzor lakes or Haft kul, each of the lake is distinct from the other in shape, size, character, and color. These still and tranquil lakes have been attracting tourists since the Soviet period and are excellent camping sites.


This lake which is named after Alexander The Great is surrounded by dry but spectacular mountains which contrasts wonderfully with the azure blue water of the lake. Homestays in Saritag Village and hiking in Fann mountains are major attraction of this place besides the marvelous lake.


The capital and the largest city of Tajikistan is situated in the backdrop of snow capped mountain ranges with lots of parks, lakes, and fountains. In addition to that, the remnants of Soviet era who transformed the area still exist in some parts of the city. The Tajikistan National Museum is probably the best place to go in the capital city.

As interesting and intriguing the list may look like, the tour promises to be equally good. In the end, you and all of your travel companions would have seen the cream of the three countries, and picking the best of them would surely be a next-to-impossible task.

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