Uzbek Chapan – Not a Khalat, Chapan – This (Treasure1)

Uzbek Chapan

Uzbek chapan will keep you warm in cold weather and protect you from the sun in hot weather

Uzbek chapan is not just a robe, chapan is a treasure! And it is really so! Surely everyone who mentions the word “Uzbek” or Uzbekistan has an image of an old man with a skullcap on his head, wearing a velvet chapan. The chapan just like the tyubeteika became the symbols of Uzbek people. They are the part of traditional national Uzbek costume. Without them there is not a single celebration or event of any kind in Uzbekistan. Chapan, in the past solely a male closet item, has become a favorite of the female half of the population. Judge for yourself why.

Uzbek chapan is not just a robe, chapan is a treasure. In fact, chapan is the simplest and perhaps the oldest outerwear. Chapan is a quilted robe, a spacious wide cut, without a collar or buttons. Instead of buttons at the chest level chapan has two small straps on both floors. The chapan is cut in such a way that one half goes over the other, so when walking, it is not opened, thereby creating a person wearing a chapan, a comfortable protection from wind or frost. On both sides of the hem there are vertical cuts, so that chapan will not restrict the movements, when walking or sitting on the floor.

Uzbek chapan is usually made on the lining of wool or camel’s hair, adding it with chintz on the inside, which is in contact with the body, and velvet, corduroy or other rich fabric on the outside, and then quilting all the layers around the perimeter. By the way, the chapan comes not only warm, but also lightweight to protect against the heat. Regardless of whether chapan is warm or not, it can be tied with a bright scarf at the waist, which will certainly add a certain zest and bright accent to the whole image. In addition, bright braid covering the edges of the collar, sleeves and hem serves as chapan decorations.

Despite its ordinariness, Uzbek chapan can also be festive. For example, in the olden days, chapanas for emirs or nobles were embroidered with gold threads, and they were a work of art. Such chapan talked about their owner’s origin and status. Such a chapan embroidered with gold is still worn today at the biggest celebrations in Uzbekistan. They are presented as a precious gift to distinguished guests as a sign of great esteem and gratitude.

And finally, summing up all the advantages of this outerwear, an Uzbek chapan can be called a treasure. And fashionable women around the world today, using modern styles of outerwear, gladly and comfortably wear things made by the same simple manufacturing technology, as the chapan.

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