Uzbekistan And Tajikistan Group Tour


Visit the mystic land of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan with your friends or family and unravel the best of both worlds in a single tour package.First visit the country of Uzbekistan which is known as cradle of cultures in Central Asia before heading over to the lesser-known country of Tajikistan which is historically and culturally similar to Uzbekistan.


Uzbekistan is all but a giant museum teeming with ancient medieval monuments. Strategically located along the Silk Road route, many of its cities were major staging post which grew in importance once powerful dynasties took hold of the region. Now many of these cities are famous and important tourist destinations in Central Asia providing rich and vivid historical and cultural experience.

CitiesTo Visit In Uzbekistan:


The capital city of Uzbekistan which is a perplexing blend of modern and ancient architecture holds an enormous amount of sightseeing opportunities. The soothing dry summer climate makes it ideal for you to explore the city throughout the year with the exception of July and August where it can get extremely hot and humid.


Another major historical site in Uzbekistan, Khiva was originally a fortress town surrounded by meters high mud walls. At present the modern town of Khiva encircles the older fortress which gives the impression of a city within a city.


With over 140 ancient historical monuments, many of which are now UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Bukhara undoubtedly is the place for a group of history junkies.


Samakand which was the capital of the Timurid Empire, founded by Amir Timur, accommodates many significant architectural landmarks that were historically important scholarly and religious centers. A visit to this place with your group will take you on a gripping journey through some of the finest architectural masterpieces of medieval period.


Tajikistan lies to the southeast of Uzbekistan and is a mountainous landlocked country. Even though there are lesser number of historical sightseeing options or things to do as compared to Uzbekistan, you should not miss the opportunity to visit Tajikistan especially when you’re in its vicinities and in a group tour where you’ve the flexibility of exploring unknown and untouched places. The independent Republic of Tajikistan is young which gained independence 23 years back.

Just like Uzbekistan, it too has a rich history which date 3,000 years back. Major civilizations like Sassanid Empire, Buddhist and Tibetan Empire, Arabic Empire reportedly briefly existed from time to time and influenced its modern identity.

Places To Visit In Tajikistan:


The second-largest city of Tajikistan and one of the oldest cities in Central Asia, historically it was one of the prominent cities along the Silk Road route located at the mouth of Fergana Valley. It is in close proximity to the Uzbekistan border and one can easily get here post legal border custom formalities. The city is mostly known for its historical sites like Khujand Fortress and Historical Museum of Sughd which houses over 1,200 exhibitions.


Historically, the city of Penjikent was a flourishing town under the Iranian civilization of Sogdiana. Much of the remains of the ancient city, which is a major excavation site, can still be seen in the outskirts of the modern city. The city is situated at the entrance of the picturesque region of Zeravshan Valley.

Seven Lakes

50 Km from Penjikent situated is the Marguzor lake which is a collection of seven different lakes. This tranquil place is frequented by locals for its breathtaking scenery and few recreational opportunities. The water of these lakes is crystal clear which even provides a view of the bottom.


Another mountain lake which is located at an altitude of 2,195 meters is claimed to be the most beautiful lake in the former Soviet Union Empire and is currently one of the favorite tourist destinations in Tajikistan.


It is the capital city of Tajikistan. Russians during their reign turned this small village into an economical hub after establishing cotton and silk production centers. The National Museum along with other architectural monuments of prominent Tajik figures are main tourist attraction in Dushanbe you’ll visit in your group tour. Group tours are always special, and when you visit two countries that are off the radar of most travelers, it become even more special. At the end of the day, this tour will have an indelible impression on you and on all of your travel mates.

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