Uzbekistan Special Interest Tours


Uzbekistan is a place which fails to disappoint any segment of visitors with their own unique liking towards an activity, whether it be archaeological, gastronomical, cultural – you name it. The splendid rich history coupled with years -old mixed cultural practices are a treasure trove for visitors looking to explore more about their own special interest. Our Uzbekistan Special Interest Tours circle around and match the unique curiosity of individuals.

The complexes of Karatepa, Ayaz-Kala, Mizdakhan, Jambas-Kala will take you back in time the monuments of which date back to 4th Century BC. The Jambas-Kala especially which is located 160 km north from Urgench in Ellikala District is a marvelous fortress known for housing antique monuments. The cultural legacy that’s passed from the ancestors onto the current generation is immense and self-evident in the old-school style buildings, homes, and lifestyle of people that’s still prevalent to this day.

Ulugbek Observatory is a major place of attraction for researchers from astronomy background and is considered as one of the finest observatories in the Islamic world. Later on during the 1970s a museum was constructed in honor of Utugh Beg known as Utugh Beg Observatory Museum and it houses numerous reproductions of the astronomic research conducted by Islamic astronomers like Al Kashi, Ali Qushji, and Utugh Beg himself.

For connoisseurs and chefs, Uzbek food tours are a real thing who can take away all but excellent culinary skills. The cuisine which is highly influenced by Soviet culture includes vegetables, fruits, soups in abundance.

Here Are The Special Interest Tour Destinations We Offer:

Uzbekistan Archaeological Tour

Dive in into the rich historical land of Uzbekistan which is filled with millennia long enigmatic secrets. Invaded intermittently by rulers of various dynasties starting from Alexander the Great, Uzbekistan houses some fine monuments from those era that still stand tall today. Buddhists were also reported to have settled in this place and their constructions can be found in various corners of the country.

Uzbekistan Food Tour

Besides beautiful landscapes and ancient cities, enjoy the delicate Uzbekistan cuisine and learn from the best Uzbek chefs who’ve perfected the dishes over time to get the best taste out of it. One can find a mix of both Soviet and Arabian cuisine in the savory meat, kebabs, vegetable filled pastries, and halvahs.

Uzbekistan Astronomical Tour

The Ulugbek Observatory which is one of the most significant and oldest space observatories in the world is an ideal astronomical tour destination for anyone with even a slightest interest in astronomy. Many wonderful work conducted by Islamic astronomers like Ali Qushji and Al-Kashi are preserved in the museum that was constructed in the honor of Ulugh Beg.

Uzbekistan Family Tour Package

Visit the fascinating land of Uzbekistan with your entire family and spend a quality time with your loved ones amidst one of the ancient marvels of the world.

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