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Uzbekistan bordering with Tajikistan from the southeast is one of the prominent Central Asian country where The Silk Road route traverses through. Tajikistan on the other hand is a relatively unknown country among regular travelers who even doubt its existence. Experience the best of both worlds in our Uzbekistan-Tajikistan Tour package which covers extensively the major tourist spots of both the countries.

Uzbekistan In Brief

Uzbekistan is strategically located in the center of the Central Asia and has always been a prominent trading and commercial center which long served as a cradle of various religions. The doubly landlocked country of Uzbekistan is the home to some of the iconic cities which are considered jewels in the Great Silk Road route. Some of those cities we cover extensively in our Uzbekistan-Tajikistan Tour package. Those are:


The capital and largest city of Uzbekistan for long was a supreme located along the Silk Road route. Some of the major sightseeing spots are:

  • Khazrati Imam Architectural Complex
  • KhodjaAkhrarVali Mosque
  • History Museum of the People of Uzbekistan


Having close ties to Khorezmian civilization, Khiva is considered as a pearl of eastern middle age architecture founded way back in 6th Century. Major tourist spots in Khiva covered are:

  • Itchan-Kala
  • Kunya Ark Fortress
  • Muhammad Amin Khan Madrassah
  • Kalta Minor Minaret


With approximately 140 medieval ancient monuments, it was a significant intellectual center of Islamic world where some of the best minds from those eras worked. Sightseeing sites in Bukhara include:

  • Po-i-Kalyan complex
  • Lab-i Hauz
  • Bahoutdin Architectural Complex


Conquered by the likes of Alexander The Great, Genghis Khan, and Amir Timur;Samarkand was a melting pot of various faiths and cultures. Main sightseeing spots are:

  • Registan
  • Bibi-Khanum Mosque
  • Ulugh Beg Observatory

Tajikistan In Brief

Tajikistan is a country where 90% of the land is uplands which gives it an unfair advantage over its neighboring countries. The mountains and hills make it a hot favorite destination for trekkers, mountaineers, and adrenaline junkies. Just like its Central Asian cousins, it was ruled by multiple cultures and religions from time to time including the Oxus Civilization, Andronovo culture, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, and Islam. It too was under Soviet rule after the fall of the empire of which it got independence. Here are the Tajik cities we’ll be covering in:


It is the second largest city in Tajikistan and also one of the oldest in entire Central Asia. Located at the edge of Fergana Valley, it was a major trading city along the Silk Road route. It was also a cultural hub which drew many great poets and laureates from those eras. In the meantime many marvelous monuments were constructed which still stand tall to this day. Some of them are:

  • Khujand fortress
  • Archeological Museum
  • Mosque and Madrasah of Sheikh Muslihiddin


Panjakent is one of the main cities in Tajikistan and was a flourishing town in the ancient past. Established in the 5th Century AD, it was intermittently ruled by new administrators causing a chain of destruction and construction of monuments. It’s now a major archaeological and excavation site. Major sightseeing spots in Panjakent include:

  • Museum of Rudaki
  • Ancient Panjakent
  • Seven Lakes


Dushanbe is the capital and the largest city of Tajikistan. It was originally just a small village which grew with the Soviet rule after it got named as capital in 1924 of the Tajik Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic. Major sightseeing spots in Dushanbe include:

  • Tajikistan National Museum
  • Vahdat Palace
  • Dushanbe Zoo
  • Gurminj Museum of Musical Instruments


The ancient town of Sarazm located in the north-western part of Tajikistan, its history dates to 4th millennium BC, even older than Egyptian pyramids. It then became a ghost town in 2,000 BC only to be inhabited again 500 years later. The ruins of this place have now been inscribed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of them are:

  • Zeravshan Valley
  • Proto (Urban site of Sarazm)

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