Uzbekistan Travel Essentials

Uzbekistan is undoubtedly a beautiful country to travel . With numerous historical monuments and rich past, Uzbekistan enthralls every other tourists. But there are certain things you’d need to enter the country. Same is true for leaving. So make sure to double check on the items listed below.

Requirements For Coming To Uzbekistan

Custom Declaration Forms

Custom forms are required for people brining in more than 2000 USD or equivalent of cash into Uzbekistan, or possess any narcotic or objectionable substance stated under Uzbek law. They’ll have to pass through the red channels submitting their form and getting it stamped by the custom officer. For rest who’re not coming with any of the above, they need not need any declaration form and pass through any green channels at any international airport. Any kind of forms relating to customs must be kept properly until you leave Uzbekistan.


You’d have to register your stay within 72 hours of arriving at Uzbekistan. At any registered hotels, this will be done automatically once you check in, but for budget hotels and guest houses, you may have to inquire further and get a slip. You’d have to keep it all the time with you and may have to present it wherever asked.

Cash and Cards

You can bring in as much cash as you want, but for more than 2,000 USD or its equivalent, you’d need to state it in your declaration form. You can exchange currencies like US Dollars, Pounds, Yens, and Euro to Uzbek Soms at any exchange center. For other currencies, it might be possible everywhere and you might have to hit the bank. Credit and debit cards are not widespread either and are only accepted in upscale hotels and big recreational and shopping centers.

Travel Insurance

It is mandatory that you get travel insurance coverage before your travel to Uzbekistan and get the copy of all the documents.This will protect you against any damages caused during the tour.


If you bring in certain medications that are prohibited or limited in Uzbekistan, you must clearly state that in the custom declaration form at both arrival and departure. Failing to do so may be subject to criminal charges.

Travel Items

You may bring in any travel item of your choice into Uzbekistan provided that none of them are objectionable or prohibited in Uzbekistan. Things you’ll be needing in Uzbekitan depends on the season you’re visiting in, but the basics are:

  • Bag packs
  • Cameras
  • Sweaters and jackets
  • Sunglasses, hats, sunscreens
  • Mosquito repellent

Requirements At Departure

Custom Declaration Forms

While leaving Uzbekistan, you’ll have to fill out a declaration form as well outlining all the things that you possess outside of the norm. Carry all the slips and receipts you’ve received during your stay in Uzbekistan as the custom officers may ask for any of them if deemed necessary. Therefore, arrive 2 to 3 hours early before the departure.


Again, before leaving you cannot exceed the limit of 2,000 USD or its equivalent. If you possess more, then you’d have to show the source in the declaration form.

Handicraft and souvenirs export

Custom officers at the airport will check and inquire about the handicrafts that you’re taking with you back home. Please note that antique items or materials that are 50 years or older are not allowed to be exported out of Uzbekistan without permission. However, mass produced items are an exception and there’s no restriction. So obtain certificates for wherever required.

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