Walking Almaty

Almaty, the capital city of Kazakhstan has a lot to offer to its City Tourist, starting from Cultural sites to Night at the Opera, Quirky Museums to city’s fortune tellers. The rich history of this city have revealed with its Cultural sites and archaeological innovations. The ancient city will take you back to the third century BC when you choose a walking Almaty City Toursin Kazakhstan.

The city itself is a mix of old-world Russian appeal and charm, modern Kazakh activity and cosmopolitan glamor.

What To Expect When You Go Out For A Walking City Tour In Almaty?

Almaty’s Sights:

Presidential Palace:

When you step out of your hotel, for a walking city tour in Almatyyou will be happy to discover the small Lanes will navigate you itself. You can start your city tour head over to the Presidential Palace and see the spectacularconstruction, a real art piece of ancient architecture.

The Central State Museum

While walking across the street to visit the Central State Museum, a true place to witness the history of Kazakhstan, from nomadic culture and Bronze Age burialsto the transfer of the capital to Astana, with many beautiful artefacts on display.

Fountains of Almaty:

When you stroll through the city you can visit the amusement parkand café and before calling it a day do not forget to take a selfie in front of a Fountain. The city has more than 125 Fountains all across to create the favourable cool atmosphere in hot and dry summer

Activities That You Can Add To Your List

Once you have visit all the highlights of Almaty, then why not go for some fun activities? just outside of the town you can choose to go to the Medeo Ice-skating Stadium.itis known for its highest ice skating rink in the world.

Street Shopping

The Silk Road has its own history, it has a legacy of cultural and economic exchange. Those busy roads are full of street shops and offers great shopping, starting from luxury handcrafts to fashionable dress and along with it you will find interesting entertainment and experiences.

Street Shopping

On your way back to hotel fromwalking city tour in Almaty when you passthroughZelyony Bazaar you may find the fortune tellers rolling and sorting beads on their cloth-draped tables. Whether you are inquisitive about your future or simply curious about what you can expect in future, visit to one of them sure can be an enlightening experience.

Night At The Opera

You would definitely like to experience one of the most entertaining night at the opera, this place also bids the occasion to see somewhat you might have not get at the Royal Opera House. These Nightoperas, including Abylay Khan and Abay, are often performed. You can say the largest theatre in Central Asia and attracts performers from all over world.

For those who love city life, exploring different culture and looking for stunning architecture, live city loads full of events and exhibitions can surely choose awalking AlmatyCity Tours.

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