What to do in Kapchagai – tours and attractions of the young city


Sometimes everyone wants to feel like a tourist in the classic sense of the word and just enjoy your vacation. But what is this long-awaited classic vacation? In the mountains with mountain climbers? To the sea with scuba diving? To museums with a guide? Kapchagai will satisfy the request of the most demanding tourist!

Kapchagai is a young city: its history is just 52 years old. But in such a short time this place has learned how to amaze tourists. With Minzifa Travel you will be able to be sure of it!

Kapchagai welcomes tourists all year round, but the season is considered to be from May to October. Water temperature at the beginning of the season reaches 18 ° C, and by August it warms up to 28 ° C. If beach vacation is not the main goal, you can come to Kapchagai any month: in winter you can enjoy the frosty air and fish.

Sea in Kapchagay – Kazakhstan

Kapshagay (another name of the city) is focused on active recreation. And first of all, it is a marine recreation. Vacationers can play beach basketball or paintball, get acquainted with the underwater world or engage in water sports.

But especially popular is fishing near the reservoir. Great fishing spots, fishing rods, boats and tackle rental, a wide variety of fish – from white amur to catfish, from bream to carp.

Kapchagai Mountains

Tourists, indifferent to the sea games, will not be bored in Kapchagai either. The city has all possibilities for active conquest of mountain peaks. Tamgaly-Tas cliffs are a great chance to master such a hobby as rock climbing.

The rocks are of interest not only to climbers but also to connoisseurs of ancient mysteries. On Tamgaly Tas you can see images of animals, people, sun-headed deities and Buddha.

About the origin of the drawings the Kazakhs have separate legends. Some believe they were carved by Buddhist monks in the tenth century. While traveling in these areas, they were victims of the earthquake: a piece of rock broke off, and the monks thought it was a sign to immortalize the face of Buddha. Others believe that the Great Silk Road passed nearby, and the drawing belongs to the Dzungars. And others believe that it’s all about the aliens: if you lean against the rock, you can take all the cosmic energy.

Entertainment in Kapchagay

Kapchagai does not claim to be Monaco, although it is the gambling capital of Kazakhstan. The casinos look like real palaces: bright lights, chic hotels, luxurious restaurants. Even if you do not play in the casino, it is worth looking at this beauty – the sight is really spectacular.


Almost no tour is complete without a visit to the medieval town, which was the setting for the filming of the movie “Nomad. The scenery was later used during the filming of “The Day Watch”.

This place is able to take you back in time. Walking through the medieval streets, it’s hard to believe that this is just a scenery. The residential buildings, bazaars and streets are just like in a historical movie. The attraction will appeal to history buffs, movie buffs and movie makers.

Culture in Kapchagai – Kazakhstan

If you get tired of outdoor activities, take a walk around the city and get acquainted with the cultural sights. These are the House of Culture with an old cinema and a historical monument, a monument to politician Kunayev, and an obelisk in memory of the victims of the Great Patriotic War.

Kapchagai is a wonderful place, where every tourist will find something to his liking. There are regular regattas, bardic song festivals and sports competitions: find out the dates of the events in advance, so as not to miss the exciting events.

Minzifa Travel will find for you a tour to Kapchagay on any dates. Contact us by WhatsApp or e-mail travel@minzifatravel.com. We will be happy to answer all your questions!

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