What Year’s Weather in Uzbekistan? (Describing 12 Months)

Our tourists often ask the question “What is the weather like in Uzbekistan? Uzbekistan is not California, where it is always warm, and not Iceland, where the temperature is below zero almost the entire year. Uzbekistan is a country with a sharply continental climate, today it can be warm, tomorrow it will be cool and vice versa.

For your convenience, Minzifa Travel team decided to arrange everything in detail and tell you what the weather awaits you, our dear tourists, when planning a vacation and sightseeing tours to Uzbekistan.

January (+3 to +11 during the day, -2 to +4 at night)

It’s the middle of Winter, the beginning of the magical holidays and the New Year according to the modern calendar. Some people start this month with a new note, a clean slate… going on diets, moving to another city or even country, getting a dog, breaking up or taking a step forward… A month of decisions and saving up money for the next vacation.

February (-2 to +16 during the day, -10 to +5 at night)

The last month of winter is the shortest and harshest… February is as fickle as the weather in Uzbekistan: now it’s January, now it’s March. Seasonal melancholy may show itself with all its might: the body lacks vitamins, it is cold outside, always sleepy and does not want to go anywhere. Nourishing foods that will give you energy and take care of your health will help you get your strength back. It’s also worth thinking about the gift for the Valentine’s Day… We can offer a tour to Uzbekistan for February 14 “Farhad and Shirin” or shopping tour to Uzbekistan.

March (+5 to +16 during the day, -3 to +6 at night)

The month of March is called the morning of the year… Nature wakes up and the first buds begin to appear. The month of Women, and it does not matter that March 8 lasts only a day 🙂 The month of Nowruz or the Eastern New Year on the day of the vernal equinox. The time when birds come back from warmer climes and the first flowers appear.

April (+12 to +27 during the day, +3 to +15 at night)

It is popularly called the month of “water. Under the rays of the spring sun, the snow melts and the earth is saturated with moisture. The time of Easter, young potatoes and green apricots (popularly called “davcha”).

It’s a good time to plant trees and vegetables (if you have a vegetable garden) It won’t be cold anymore, it may rain occasionally. Don’t forget to prank your friends and acquaintances on Fool’s Day.

May (+17 to +33 during the day, +5 to +18 at night)

A series of festive days, almost arrived summer… with this and not only associate this month. Undoubtedly the month when we all celebrate the 9th of May. Uzbekistan will host the festival of Silk and Spice, which will bring together lovers of history and traditions from around the world. The noun “May” is consonant with the verb “May”, there is a belief that in May you should not get married… but that is just a belief 😉

June (+18 to +38 during the day, +7 to +22 at night)

The first month of summer, the beginning of the season of juicy natural fruits, blind rains, long days and white nights, that’s why they call June – the brightest month of the year. It’s time to plan a “Sunbath” or “Learn something new for yourself” vacation. We advise you to buy sunscreen, you will need in both variations of the holiday…

July (+30 to +40 by day, +12 to +17 at night)

It’s heat month (Sarah Tone), the peak of bright sunshine and the onset of heat. If you take sunscreen, take two… It’s the perfect time to “Sunbathe” and fill your body with vitamin D. It’s Tulip Blossom Month, and a field of tulips is an incredible sight…

August (+29 to +33 during the day, +14 to +17 at night)

The end of summer, but not the end of warmth. A beautiful month for hiking in the mountains, nature at this time is unusually beautiful. At the same time in Samarkand there will be a dance festival “Sharq taronalari”. The most important and spectacular is the cotton fields… the snow-white beauty comes at the end of August with a transition to the beginning of September.

September (+23 to +29 during the day, +8 to +13 at night)

Still a summer month, ripening winter varieties of apples, late varieties of grapes, walnuts, quinces, pomegranates, hawthorns, figs (wine berries), rose hips. Nature acquires a spring color as if covering everything around with golden green. The days become noticeably shorter and the nights cooler. In the Tian Shan Mountains you can see the picture of snow already appearing on the very top, but below, autumn still rules the ball…

October (+14 to +23 during the day, +3 to +8 at night)

A beautiful couple… Leaves are falling, everything around is turning into gold… Time for great spring photos and walks in nature. It’s time for excursions, Bukhara, Samarkand, Tashkent, Khiva…

November (+9 to +16 during the day, 0 to +3 at night)

The nights are getting longer and the thermometer is dropping closer to winter…. At the end of the month, early in the morning you may see frozen puddles covered with a thin layer of ice that crunch pleasantly and crumble underfoot. Expect rains, but don’t be disappointed. Rainy Uzbekistan will definitely surprise you with its special atmosphere… You won’t see it like this anywhere else in the world. P.S. Don’t forget to take an umbrella at the hotel.

December (+4 to +9 during the day, -1 to -4 at night)

The first month of Winter marks the beginning of cold weather, precipitation … do not hurry to get upset, the New Year atmosphere of Uzbekistan is unique and there is little precipitation. Preparations for the holiday are in full swing, Christmas trees, lanterns and architecture shrouded in snow. New Year tour to Uzbekistan!

Weather can be flying, not flying and flying….

Thank you for your time)

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