What’s Interesting in Uzbekistan?

What's Interesting in Uzbekistan

Before you go to Uzbekistan, it will be useful to study what you can see, what is interesting in Uzbekistan, whether it is an individual trip or buying a tour with excursions through the tour operator.

So below I will provide interesting places to visit in the main cities (for the tourist) or What is necessary to visit in Uzbekistan:

Tashkent city:
Chach or Ming Urik Museum

An outstanding site of ancient Tashkent, a raw brick fortress city, an oasis of Sogdian and a benchmark of pre-Arabic culture.

The city of Samarkand:
Registan Square

The center of everything, the soul of Samarkand, the work of craftsmen from all over Tamerlane’s empire.

The city of Bukhara:
Samanid Mausoleum.

Architectural heritage of the Samanid Empire, a unique – identical from all sides, the center of ancient religions.

The city of Khiva:
Kunya Ark Citadel.

The heart of Ichan Qala, “fortress within a fortress” and “city within a city”, the dwelling of St. Ak Sheikh Bobo and the Arch of Khiva.

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