Why does everyone go to Uzbekistan (in summer)?

Summer in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan is a country of contrasts. It is an ancient state, which has recently begun to actively develop tourism. Here, ancient traditions and modern technology go hand in hand, and increasing every year the number of tourists suggests that this state of affairs is attractive to a large number of holidaymakers. Become a part of the team of fans of the Asian country with Minzifa Travel!

There are countless reasons to visit Uzbekistan. It is famous oriental hospitality, the tastiest pilaw in the world, and a great opportunity to get to the ancient fairy tale. But in 2022 residents of other countries have other reasons to visit the Asian country:

  • visa-free regime. There is no need to deal with the paperwork, stand in line, pay a lot of money and be in a waiting mode. Do you have a passport and a desire to see the beauty of Uzbekistan? You are welcome!
  • no coronavirus restrictions. To come to the country, you do not need to have vaccinations, undergo tests, buy masks and gloves, and prove that you have already been infected;
  • direct flights;
  • affordable and stable prices. Compared to most popular resorts, a trip to Samarkand, Tashkent or Bukhara is not much of a blow to the wallet. At the same time, prices are kept at the same level.

Tourists are not deterred by the famous Uzbek heat, which reaches up to 40 ° C. All because Uzbekistan has opportunities for any kind of tourism. Too hot in the city? Let’s go to the mountains or swim in the lakes!

Tour operators predict an increase in the number of tourists, regardless of the time of year. And we offer you to enjoy the beauty and authentic atmosphere of the Asian country at the coziest time of autumn. Book the tour for September, October or November, or come to Uzbekistan in New Year to celebrate the holiday in the most favorable conditions! You can always find out more on Minzifa Travel website or on one of the social networks WhatsApp, e-mail travel@minzifatravel.com.

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