Yurt Camps of Uzbekistan (In the Desert and Mountains)

Yurt Camps of Uzbekistan

In the boundless sands and inside the mountain oases are large yurt camps of Uzbekistan.

The yurts are decorated with handmade carpets and “shirdaks” by local artisans. Colorful patterns and candlesticks create an unusual and festive atmosphere. The yurt camp is equipped with toilets, showers and guest yurts, where tourists will be offered a variety of dishes. The camp has electricity.

Tourists can spend their evenings around the campfire to the sounds of songs of local akyns in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere of the desert or mountains, enjoying the view of bright stars and the Milky Way in the night sky. For dinner, the camp offers tourists to try national dishes – beshbarmak and any national dishes on request, various salads, fruits and oriental sweets.You can ride camels and go on a multi-day trekking tour. Some camps have ATVs and jeeps for desert rides.

You can also take a trip to a nearby settlement and get acquainted with the features of life and culture of local residents. Thanks to the coziness and comfort of the yurt camp, acquaintance with the world of the desert or mountains will be remembered only by positive impressions.

Here are some of them:

Yurt Camp “Aydar

Sarmyshsai Yurt Camp

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