A Guide To Obtain Your Visas For A Trip To Central Asia Destinations

Are you planning to visit some of the most secluded and unexplored places on Earth? Hence, where are you really planning to go, then? But in order to discover something new, you must revise all your tour destinations. Stepping back to the time with a visit to the ‘stans’ of Central Asia Destinations is all about exploring a land of soaring minarets, blue-domed mosques and strikingly unique architecture. Historically placed in the junction of important trading routes, the influence of the Silk Road, bringing a mix of traditions, cultures and wealth can still be seen today, and adventurous travellers can explore the ancient route.

As an immense region, Central Asia Destinations are full of stunning landscapes, with extensive desert, awe-inspiring valley, gleaming lakes, vast steppe plains, huge mountains and meandering valleys.

Let’s discuss some of the facts that are given below and try to find out how people can secure access to this region, are as follows:

Why Central Asia?

Believe it or not, tourists of the current generation have started to realize the worth of visiting these silk route countries that were hidden from the eyes of the world for far too long. People going for Central Asia Tours will have the chance to trek mountains, discovering hidden ancient cities, road trips around the central Asian cities and flying in helicopters only to crave even for more.

Visa Basis: What You’ll Need

While applying for a visa, you will normally need to handover the following at the consulate are as follows:

  • A copy of visa application form which is generally available at the consulate where you can apply on paper or online.
  • 1-3 passport photos.
  • The visa fee inappropriate (currency of your country).
  • Your passport (Valid for at least six months from the date of entry).
  • A photocopy of the portrait page.
  • Letter of invitation needed for some Central Asia Destinations.

Visa Policies For Each Central Asian Country From Easiest To Toughest


Travellers from at least forty-five countries including United States & Canada going for Kyrgyzstan Tours must not have to worry about visa for sixty days because it has been made exempt by the government of Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, no letter of invitation is required for nationalities that are exempt from the visa policy of this country.


Backpackers from at least ten countries such as US, Germany & Japan can enjoy their Kazakhstan Tours for at least 15 days without a visa. Furthermore, they can apply for their visa in Ankara, Turkey, in case all such people are travelling through central Asia and are heading east. Here visitors to Kazakhstan can get to manage to get their visa with little or no hassle. Actually, processing time is just four days.


A visa for Tajikistan Tours can be obtained from Dushanbe airport for around $50-100, but people can avail this facility only if they are flying in from their home country. If the capital city of Bishkek is in your travel schedule then it is recommended to apply for the Tajik travel visa from this city.


Nationalities and citizens from countries like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Malaysia, Spain, Switzerland as well as UK & USA don’t need an LOI (Letter of Invitation) for applying for a visa for Uzbekistan Tours.


Getting a visa for Turkmenistan Tours invites more scrutiny. Thus, an individual must have to acquire an expensive L.O.I for any type of stay that is longer than five days. Anyway, we recommend you to have a five-day transit visa that most of the travellers are destined to get.

Flight In And Over Paperwork

There are a number of airlines that are flying into all main central Asian capital cities such as Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Dushanbe & Tajikistan and you can also get excellent deals to be found especially from Europe and East Asia. All such deals associated with these routes will not only get you cheaper tickets but are also great because you will get a visa on arrival.

Without any doubt, Central Asia Destinations are one of the dramatic, friendly & satisfying destinations in the world. During the tour, holidaymakers will just love trekking the mountain passes with the help of horses, swarming in crystal clear alpine lakes or just getting soaked in natural hot springs. If this is not enough, you can also fly on a helicopter over the Pamir Mountains and do many more things. Thus, it is time to plan a trip and go there & uncover the things that are hidden.

Definitely, the tour to Central Asia Destinations will be a new experience to add on to your list of world excursions. Please visit us @ minzifatravel.com and know about the ways to visit the once conquered lands of Genghis Khan by going through the packages that we offer. You can select the one that suits your needs and requirements & just enjoy the once in a lifetime tour.

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