An Insight To Kyrgyzstan Culture Through Food

When you want to know or have a deep understanding of a country, you must go through its food. The food will actually give you an idea about the country, its people and their manners & behaviours. Thus, when it comes to Kyrgyzstan Culture, its food is a powerful instrument through which you can view & understand their culture more easily. It is more than a breakfast, lunch or dinner which is tasty and gives nourishment. Each and every dish has its own story from the ingredients foreigners can be able to learn culture’s geography & economy.

Let’s have a tour of our own that will teach all of us about Kyrgyzstan:

Traditional Kyrgyz Cuisine


It is the most classic Kyrgyz dish and is meant to be eaten with hands, not with a knife or a fork like it happens in the western countries. Besh means five & Barmak means finger. This dish is only served when some known guests or tourists arrive home. The simple version of the dish consists of noodles mixed with boiled meat cut into small pieces and served with a medium spicy sauce. Whenever you want to visit, it will be Best Time To Visit Kyrgyzstan.


It is a type of dish made with shredded meat & potatoes, onions and other vegetables. They are stuffed between the layers of thin dough which are then rolled into a circle & steamed. This dish is similar to Lasagna but without cheese & tomato sauce.


It is popular fried dough bed classically dipped in jams, honey or butter and served with black tea. You will like it while taking it during your morning breakfast. When Kyrgyz’s food menu is at your disposal there are many Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan.


It is a type of horse meat dish. In this form of a dish, it is normally shaved. You will know it once you taste the dish yourself.

Kazy Karta

It is also a horse meat dish but this type of meat is served in medallions. You will love it when you eat the dish during the Silk Road tour and exploring the Kyrgyzstan Culture.

Adopted Kyrgyz Dishes


It is a dish made up of meat, onion & fat filled dumplings that are normally steamed but if you like then you can also get them fried according to your desire. It is a kind of dish that you can only enjoy in a restaurant or on a street stall. It is up to you and your budget to decide that. It is normally served in the clusters of five.


It is a mixed dish of meat vegetables and noodles served to the customers in a broth. It is a little messy to eat as the noodles are long and are tend to fling broth if the tourist is not careful. Anyway, it is very tasty for anyone who likes both the veg & non-veg items mixed together in the dish. Boso Lagman is the same kind of dish that is served in the west with the same type of ingredients but they are fried without the broth in it. It is wintertime meal for those are living in the cold regions.


It is initially Uzbek & its different variants are served in Kyrgyzstan. Basically, its fried onions & carrots mixed into spiced rice served with chunks of tender with boiled meat on top.


It is a Kyrgyz version of fast food. It is not a kind of food that is served to you in a western fast food joint. This type of dish is literally just quick & easy little pockets of meat onions as well as fat you can pick up on the side of a road. They are cooked in a tandoor & make a filling snack or meal depending on how many you can get.

Ashlyam Fu

It is a cold spicy soup made up of meat, vegetables & noodles. While on your Minzifa Travels sponsored Kyrgyzstan Tours you might just love it or hate it because it is a rare food type and only a few people have tried it. It is better you be the judge regarding the taste of this dish and share your experiences with us on our site’s comment box.

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In order to uncover Kyrgyzstan Culture you just have to interact with the local people living in the Kyrgyz cities and towns and accept their home invitations to experience their kind and humble behaviour with their delicious & tasty food. Please check out our packages that had been carefully crafted & designed after studying limitations, budget & desires of international travellers.  If you want more information, please visit us @

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Few Tips To Know Before Travelling To Kyrgyzstan

  • # The tour to Kyrgyzstan is all about nature & nomadic life.
  • # This country is highly seasonal.
  • # This country is completely safe but take a cab at night to avoid problems.
  • # Get proper travel insurance.

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