British journalist calls Tashkent “the most budget-friendly city” for travelers in 2022

The Golden Triangle, Beaches, Bazaars: How to Relax in Uzbekistan

According to the journalist of the British newspaper “The Telegraph” Emma Featherstone, the cities of Uzbekistan are one of the most budget options for British tourists.

In the article “The best budget cities for holidays in 2022” she takes as a basis a study conducted by analysts from the Economist Intelligence Unit, which talks about the most expensive and the most budget cities in the world from the point of view of the tourist. As a result, the journalist compiles her own list of alternatives for a good budget vacation for her readers.

And the first place in the list belongs to Tashkent. Featherstone believes that “the Central Asian center with a history stretching back two millennia” is best visited in spring or fall, when the weather is most favorable.

It represents the architecture of our capital in an interesting way. Of the houses that were built after the 1966 Tashkent earthquake, she says that stylistically they are “a mixture of brutalism and classical Russian architecture with small 12th century mosques.

Continuing to agitate her compatriots to visit Uzbekistan, Emma Featherstone tells them of the substantial conveniences, from direct flights to a month-long visa-free travel regime that gives ample time to see “Uzbek treasures.”

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