British publication believes that the resort of Amirsoy is able to surpass Sochi in popularity


The British publication Country and Town House published an article about winter holidays in the Uzbek resort of Amirsoy.

As essay author Felix Milnes writes, Uzbekistan is not the country that first comes to mind when planning a ski trip. However, after Amirsoy’s debut season in the western Tien Shan mountains, the attention of skiing enthusiasts has been riveted to the east.

“Uzbekistan is the new ski frontier,” the author says, suggesting that the “900 hectares of explosive potential” could squeeze the popularity of Sochi’s ski resorts.


Felix Milnes notes that the creation of Amirsoy is only part of Uzbekistan’s overall development.

“Five years ago, traveling to Uzbekistan was like stepping behind the iron curtain, but today the country and the new international airport in Tashkent are extremely open to both foreign visitors and investment – or at least will be as soon as Covid allows,” the article writes.

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