European media named the main tourist “gems” of Uzbekistan

European media named the main tourist "gems" of Uzbekistan

The author of the article also pointed out one non-touristy, but priceless attraction of the country, because of which it is worth visiting.

Austrian Kurier published an article about tourism in Uzbekistan.

The author noted that the republic has a favorable geographical location and a non-standard climate for Europeans.

According to the newspaper, several places may be of interest to foreign tourists.

First of all, it’s Karakalpakstan. This region is visited only by true travelers, the article emphasizes. Karakalpakstan will also be of interest to tourists interested in history, as the Silk Road once passed through the region.

Many foreigners come to Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara and Khiva, the author writes. The ultramodern Afrosiab high-speed train is very convenient to travel between cities, the Europeans noted.

“Tourists go to Tashkent with its authentic oriental bazaars, Samarkand with its famous Registan Square, Bukhara with its lively Jewish quarter and the city’s historic Lyabi-Hauz pond, and visit the clay fortress wall of Khiva, which is the center of historic Khorezm,” the article said.

Khiva is still an open-air museum, Kurier writes. The old city of Ichan-Kala is surrounded by a two-kilometer and seven-meter thick powerful fortress wall, which strikes with its grandeur.

This city, as the author noted, is one of the most beautiful sites of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and is always full of local and foreign tourists.

However, there is another priceless attraction of the republic.

“It is worth emphasizing that the kindness of the people of Uzbekistan is an attraction in itself,” the publication stressed.

The author also reminded that mountain tourism is actively developing in the republic. In particular, in the Chimgan region, “where today a small ski town with slopes up to 3,300 meters above sea level is developing an hour and a half north of Tashkent.

Earlier, the British publication Country and Town published an article about skiing in Uzbekistan. The article stated that the Amirsoy resort has every chance of becoming “something bigger than Sochi.

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