Instead of Bali and Dubai: How Russians can spend their vacations in Tajikistan


Because of all sorts of sanctions from the West, tourists from Russia overnight became inaccessible to the former vacation destinations. However, there is always a way out. Moika78 tells why St. Petersburgers should take a closer look at holidays in Tajikistan.

The classic tours to Turkey, Egypt and Dubai have not surprised anyone lately, and trips to China, Japan and Vietnam were sometimes exhausting because of the huge number of tourists. The current restrictions have made it possible to look at more unusual places: for example, Central Asia, where the Republic of Tajikistan are located.

No Balinese rainy season

Tajikistan is located in the foothills of the Pamirs and has no access to the sea, but there are advantages to this trip. You won’t suddenly find yourself in torrential rain, as you would in Bali, because Tajikistan has a subtropical climate with little rainfall. As a rule, the country is sunny and clear, which means you don’t need an umbrella.

No more monotony

Moreover, if you are bored with the monotonous weather and want to wear all kinds of clothes, then look at Tajikistan: the territory of the country is characterized by a very unusual range of temperatures because of the Pamir Mountains. I don’t think you’ve ever been to such a place, where you could literally in one day wear shorts and a T-shirt and then a down jacket and boots. Tajikistan was given this peculiarity by

Time to slow down and contemplate

Residents of big cities often spend their days in a hurry, running to and from work or on personal business. Sometimes St. Petersburgers want to go somewhere quieter and less crowded. And here Tajikistan, where you do not even need a visa, can meet these needs residents of St. Petersburg.

On the territory of the republic there are many places that have not touched the hand of man. In today’s world of technology and development to see the natural places in their pristine beauty – a luxury. Therefore, tourists will be able to relax and contemplate, looking at the mountain peaks.

Health and figure

Lying on a sun lounger by the sea or the pool, binge eating and gradually gaining extra pounds is unlikely to work. Tajikistan is famous for its outdoor activities – trips to the Pamir Mountains, which are called “the roof of the world,” will clearly help you get your figure in shape.

Bank card

Because of the sanctions, St. Petersburg residents have encountered almost the main problem: vacation is good, but how can I pay for it abroad? Of course, the MIR card, which you can now obtain from almost any Russian bank and take with it to Tajikistan, will save you. True, you won’t be able to pay with it, but you can withdraw money from Amonatbonka and Dushanbe City.


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