The world media assessed whether Uzbekistan is capable of becoming a “ski fairy tale

In 2019, the Amirsoy ski resort opened and was recognized as the new jewel of Uzbekistan.

The British publication Country and Town House published an article about skiing in Uzbekistan.
“Looking for a new place to ski? Head East to Uzbekistan.” – is the title of the article.
The author of the article notes that travelers do not associate Uzbekistan with winter skiing.
However, in recent years the ski sector in the country has noticeably developed. First of all, thanks to the opening of the Amirsoy resort in 2019.
The complex is located in the mountainous area of the Tashkent region, 70 kilometers from the capital. The ski resort is built in accordance with the advanced standards of artificial snowing, transport infrastructure and services using renewable energy sources.
This has aroused interest among foreign fans of active winter holidays.
The author of the review believes that Amirsoy has all chances to become “something bigger than Sochi”.
The publication emphasizes: Uzbekistan is now fully open to foreign travelers and foreign investment. If the republic continues to develop in the same vein, it has more “skiing” future.

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