Uzbekistan is in the top 5 countries where it is worth celebrating the New Year

New Year

The Republic has overtaken in the ranking of such popular tourist destinations as France, Germany and Switzerland.

Uzbekistan is in the top five most attractive places to spend New Year’s holidays.
The ranking was compiled by the Polish newspaper
The republic was ranked third, right after Sweden and Austria.
The newspaper noted that Uzbekistan is the famous pearl of the East and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia.
Readers were offered a rich New Year’s itinerary of historic cities such as Bukhara, Khiva and Samarkand.

“Visiting Registan Square on New Year’s Eve will allow you to join history and feel romantic as in the fairy tales of Shaherizada,” the article says.

Travelers were also recommended to visit Tashkent. The publication pointed out that the capital is home to Chorsu market, the largest in Central Asia, which has preserved its national coloring. Another attraction is the modern Independence Square.

“If you want to spend the New Year in an exotic atmosphere – bet on a trip to Uzbekistan,” added the newspaper.

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