Tajikistan Railways

Tajikistan Railways

Tajikistan has a limited rail transport service. The railroad system totals 680 kilometres of non-electrified single-track railway service.

Major parts of the Tajikistan railroad services connect the main urban centres of western Tajikistan with points in the neighbouring country Uzbekistan.

Tajikistan Railways

History of the railways in Tajikistan

A new rail network line connected the southern cities of Kulob and Qurghonteppa. In 2016, a link between the southern and central railway networks was formed as another line connecting both the cities to the capital city Dushanbe.

However, the northern branch around Khujand remained disconnected from the main parts of the city of Tajikistan and was accessible only via Uzbekistan. This route was a lengthy transit. International trains, therefore, started between various cities connecting Khujand and Dushanbe to Moscow and also Dushanbe to Pakhtaabad.

Tajikistan Rail connections

Rail networks in Tajikistan have been separated into two separate networks that coexist but are not connected to each other in any way. The northern rail networks join Khujand with Uzbekistan whereas the southern network spreads over Dushanbe and Kulob to Qurgonteppa and to the southern parts of its neighbouring country Uzbekistan along the border of Afghanistan at Nizhnij Pyanj point.

The connecting rail networks of different regions in Tajikistan have been listed below.

The Northern Network connects

  • Kokand in Uzbekistan
  • Bekabad in Uzbekistan
  • Konibodom
  • Khujand or former Leninabad
  • The Uzbekistan and Tajikistan border

The Southern Network connects

  • Iski-Guzar
  • Capital city Dushanbe
  • Vahdat that was formerly known as Ordzhonikidzeabad
  • Iski-Guzar
  • Tursunzoda
  • Denov
  • Hisor
  • Denov in Uzbekistan
  • Obikiik
  • Kuibyshev
  • Termez
  • Kolkhozobod
  • Shaartuz
  • Yovon

Upcoming Tajikistan Rail links

A new railway network from Tajikistan connecting Afghanistan and Iran has been proposed in the legislature. The construction of the new rail connection is underway and is to be functional very soon.

The link is supposed to connect

  • Dushanbe
  • Vahdat
  • Shaartuz
  • Yovon
  • Qurghonteppa
  • Mazar-i-Sharif
  • Aivadj

The Tajikistan-Afghanistan border over Pyanj River

Commuting through trains in Tajikistan is not that popular due to the irregular mountainous terrain of the country. The underfunding of the national train company is also one major reason that contributes to the scenic, but slow rail transport modes.

Improvement in political and economic relations with the neighbouring country Uzbekistan has opened up promenades for international travel in the near future of Tajikistan. As for now, trains from Tajikistan to the side countries Uzbekistan and Russia are a tough and complicated enterprise.

For any further information or details on what to expect while travelling by train in Tajikistan, visitors can always go through the overview page on the "Silk Road by train", that gives a complete detail of available seats, routes of the networks, planning and timetables.

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