Please read carefully the Terms and Conditions described below

By booking a tour with MINZIFATRAVEL by FE “Unique Travel” Travel Agents Licence T-0087, national company “UZBEKTOURISM”, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms and Booking Conditions and, provided there is availability, your booking will be accepted on this basis. After you check tour availability and wish to proceed, you will be sent a pdf file with these exact terms and conditions, the booking form and the participant declaration to be completed and returned, plus instructions on how to transfer your deposit.

If you have any queries regarding these terms and conditions, you must raise with MINZIFATRAVEL prior to submitting those documents.


A non-refundable 20% of the cost of tour, completed booking form and signed participant declaration are required to confirm your reservation.

The balance of the MINZIFATRAVEL tour cost is required at least 60 days prior to departure. If you book within 60 days prior to departure, full payment is required. Details of your comprehensive travel insurance cover must be provided at the time of final payment.

Please note that MINZIFATRAVEL reserves the right to unilaterally refuse an application without reasons given, and return the deposit.


  • More than 60 days in advance: 10% of tour cost
  • 60 to 30 days prior to tour’s  starting day: 40% of tour cost
  • 30 to 14 days prior to tour’s  starting day: 60% of tour cost
  • Less than 14 days prior to  tour’s  starting day: 100% of tour cost

Airfares, other than those specified in your MINZIFATRAVEL tour itinerary, are not included in the cost. Any cancellation conditions imposed by airlines should be clarified with your flight booking agent.

MINZIFATRAVEL endeavors to carefully monitor events in Central Asia. If, due to natural disasters or political instability etc, it is deemed safer to cancel the tour, MINZIFATRAVEL will refund you all monies paid to MINZIFATRAVEL minus an administrative fee of A$100. Other fees you may incur, e.g. flight cancellation penalties, passport costs etc are non refundable through MINZIFATRAVEL. Please refer to the section below on comprehensive travel insurance.

Tour costs and information sessions

Accompanied tours 

Any additional items not specified in the itinerary, such as laundry, tips, visa and passport fees, medical costs, meals not specified, optional excursions etc are at your expense. If you are traveling alone and have indicated that you would like to share a room, MINZIFATRAVEL will try to meet that request. If, however, that cannot be arranged, you must pay the single supplement according to the tour class.

MINZIFATRAVEL transfers final payment in US dollars to our Uzbek office land operator 55 days prior to Day 1 of each tour. Please remember, though, that when the US dollar goes down, hotels and other providers in Uzbekistan put up their prices to compensate. Therefore the impact of currency fluctuations will be assessed in that light.

The tour cost is based on a group size and tour quality: premium group minimum of 6 and maximum of 12 participants, business group from 15 to 18 participants, economy group from 28 up to 30 participants, individuals from 2 up to 5 persons.

Customized tours

For customized tours, your start and end cities in Central Asia, will depend on your program. The tour cost, inclusions and exclusions will be clearly stated in your tour program. Any additional items not specified in the itinerary, such as laundry, tips, visa and passport fees, medical costs, meals not specified, optional excursions etc are at your expense.

Passports and visas

Your passport must be valid for at least tree months after your arrival in Uzbekistan. Should you require re-entry permits to your country of residence, it is your responsibility to obtain them.

Most foreign nationals require a visa to enter Uzbekistan. MINZIFATRAVEL make visa support You must apply for a visa in advance look for visa requirement.

Your visa will be issued by Uzbek authorities upon payment of the appropriate visa fee in US$ cash and presentation of the LOI (letter of invitation or invitation of legal entity).

Medical matters

It is your responsibility to advise MINZIFATRAVEL of any pre-existing medical conditions and/or disabilities that might reasonably be expected to increase the risk of you requiring medical attention, or that might affect the normal conduct of a tour and the enjoyment of other tour members if you are participating in a group tour.

If requested by MINZIFATRAVEL, you may be required to provide an assessment of your medical condition by providing a ‘Fitness to Travel’ certificate from your doctor. MINZIFATRAVEL reserves the right, at its reasonable discretion, to cancel your booking and refund the money paid by you, less any unrecoverable costs. MINZIFATRAVEL also reserves the right to cancel your participation in a tour at any time, including after the commencement of your tour, with no right of refund if your medical conditions and/or disabilities could be reasonably expected to affect the normal conduct of the tour and the enjoyment of other tour members.

The tours include a lot of walking and standing in historic sites. Also, none of the hotels where you stay have elevators, only stairs, sometimes steep. Please bring a torch as the footpaths and roads can be uneven. Please note that Uzbekistan is a developing country and public toilet facilities may be basic.

There will be no medically qualified escorts on the tour unless, by chance, a fellow participant has medical qualifications.

Comprehensive travel insurance

Travel insurance is not included in the tour price. Comprehensive travel insurance, providing cover against personal accident, death, medical expenses and emergency repatriation is a condition of participating in MINZIFATRAVEL tour. It is strongly recommended that it also cover cancellation, travel interruption, personal liability and baggage loss. And, you should also consider that it is not possible for MINZIFATRAVEL, to obtain Public Risk cover for risks in Central Asia. Therefore it is not possible for you to rely on any such cover. Please arrange this with your flight booking agent. Details of your comprehensive insurance cover, in the form of a copy of your insurance certificate and emergency contacts of your insurer, must be provided at the time of final payment.

Alteration to program

Travel descriptions, itineraries and activities described in the tour information are indicative and prepared with good intentions but may be changed at any time for any reason. It is possible that the itinerary could change due to weather, political restrictions, transport delays, airline schedule changes or any other unforeseen circumstance.

Limitation of liability

MINZIFATRAVEL contracts with a network of companies and individuals to assist in the running of tours and acts as an agent for these third parties.  MINZIFATRAVEL is not responsible for the acts and omissions of these third parties.

  • To the fullest extent permitted by law:
  • any liability for any loss, death, injury, damage or loss of enjoyment which you or your family may suffer (directly or indirectly) in connection with or arising out of your participation in a tour, or any breach of the Booking Conditions, is excluded;
  • you release MINZIFATRAVEL and its representatives from any liability and expressly waive any claims you may have against them arising out of or in connection with your participation in a tour;
  • any condition or warranty that would otherwise be implied by law into these Booking Conditions (Implied Warranty), is excluded.

Authority of the tour leader

MINZIFATRAVEL accompanied tours are led by the assistance of a local Uzbek guide/s. The decision of the tour leader is final on all matters likely to affect the safety or well being of any person participating in the tour. If you fail to comply with a decision made by the tour leader, or interfere with the well being of the group, the tour leader may order you to leave the tour immediately, with no reply or recourse and no right of refund.  You must accept the tour leader’s decision and you must at all times comply with the laws and customs of Uzbekistan.

Consumer protection

All money received as payment for your tour is immediately deposited in a client account. All funds in the MINZIFATRAVEL client account, held in Uzbekistan, is bound by regulation and independently audited. Your money remains there until MINZIFATRAVEL pays for the services comprising your tour.

In Uzbekistan there are very strict regulations to protect consumers against fraudulent operations. MINZIFATRAVEL participates in the Travel Compensation Fund.

*Cancellation policy during the COVID-19 pandemic
We are aware of the significant uncertainty that travelers currently face when planning their travels. With this in mind, we are currently offering more flexible cancellation policies for all tours and travel services.
According to our booking conditions, our cancellation fees are:

  • 30 days or more before departure – 20% loss of deposit
  • from 29 to 15 days before departure – 30% of the tour cost *
  • from 14 to 7 days before departure – 50% of the tour cost *
  • 6 or less days before departure – 80% of the tour cost * * or a deposit, if more.
    However, we understand that the coronavirus situation may evolve and that you may be concerned about having to cancel your tour or other travel arrangements at short notice. The deposit can be transferred to any other dates of the tour.
    We have actively discussed cancellation fees with hotels, transport companies and tour guides where possible and are trying to minimize train and plane ticket cancellation fees.

Cancellation in case of Pandemic Emergency;
Cancellation immediately before departure – 0% loss of deposit *excluding actual costs already incurred, such as e-visas issued, cancellation fees for issued air tickets and train tickets, bank transfer fees. Under the following conditions;

When closing borders due to the worsening situation with pandemics.
State of emergency due to Pandemic.
If the PCR is positive for the tourist, and the tourist could not fly due to illness (the tourist must provide a certificate of illness or a certificate to the Principal)