Karakol travel guide

In case you’re in Kyrgyzstan to discover the mountains, you will probably go through Karakol. You ought to help yourself out and spend a couple of days in the town adapting more about the culture and tradition. Karakol lies at the eastern edge of IssykKul Lake and at foot of TerskeyAla-Too Mountain extend.

Tourist attractions in Karakol


The Dungan Mosque is a one of a kind mosque, it was planned and built by Chinese craftsmen.

It was finished in 1910 is as yet used right up ’til the present time. You can make a trip to see the beautiful wooden structure that was at first built with no nails.

Ladies will be required to put on a head covering given by the mosque.


Situated in a normal Russian home from the 1880s, this exhibition hall/museum has antiquities, local gears, and melodic instruments. Tragically, the main part of the gallery that is in English, is a zone showing the photography of Swiss voyager Ella Maillart.

Ella visited in 1932 and portrays an interesting and unique picture that day and age.


Look inside this wonderful Russian Orthodox Church to locate various symbols, including some spared from SvetlyMys and a duplicate of one of Saint Troitzy by Andrei Rublev, an acclaimed Russian painter.

You are permitted inside and ladies are required to wear a head covering that is given.


Karakol’s best pan-pizza is served in a slightly scrappy summer yard or in the small, oh-so-pink cocktail bar area with its pearl-effect settee seating. Kalyan (water-pipes) to smoke from 250som.


It is almost a museum with all the items they have. You can find pins, patches, postcards, uniforms, and more from the Soviet Era, but the most attractive piece of antiques were the old cameras.


NikolayPrzhervalsky was a well known Russian traveller that made a few excursions in Central Asia. The garden and historical centre are committed to his movements. Most of the displays are in English yet you’ll require a guide in the event that you need to get a full understanding.


Slightly classier than the competition – the modern styling complements an English menu with a wide range of usually reliable options.

Sadly the summer terrace has a barbeque but not beer, which would make it a perfect place to linger on warm summer nights.


Run out of a hipstered-up garage that feels like an extended common space of adjacent Duet Hostel, friendly staff and tasty coffee and smoothies make the experience uncommonly good.

There’s a limited food menu as well.


A large selection of the multi-ethnic food that makes Karakol so exciting, served on a nice summer terrace. The menu is a bit hard to decipher for non-native speakers, but if in doubt order the tasty Azu.


A wood-panelled dining room and log-cabin feel sit just fine with the particularly good Laghman and Shashlyk.

Beer lovers should order the salted fish, an excellent accompaniment.

Be it a shopping drive or a family dinner, Karakol doesn’t dissapoint its visitors. The museums never fail to keep the interest level maintained.

Karakol has a lot to see and do and also has a lot to learn from. Visit Karakol with your family and friends. Book your trip now. Call us or visit our website to book your Karakol tour while in Kyrgyzstan.


Tours to Karakol

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