Travel to Kyrgyzstan – Colors of Kyrgyzstan 2024

Days 7
Travel to Kyrgyzstan - Colors of Kyrgyzstan 2024

Travel to Kyrgyzstan

  • Vehicle
    transport depending on the group size
  • Group Size
  • Accomodation
    DBL/TWN base in hotels and per 3- 4-5 pax in yurts, local family houses
  • Fitness level
  • Arrival on
  • Departure from
  • Best season
    Spring, Summer, Autumn
  • Tour type
    Cultural, traditional, excursion, ecological tour
  • Meals
    Half board
  • Language
    EN, DE, ES, RU, IT, FR

Trip code: WTE-1669

Experience the Best of Kyrgyzstan: Cities, Nature, and Culture

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable journey through Kyrgyzstan with Minzifa Travel. Our 7-day “Colors of Kyrgyzstan 2024” tour will take you through ancient Silk Road cities, the picturesque Tien Shan mountains, and the crystal-clear waters of Lake Issyk-Kul. You will experience the traditions of the Kyrgyz people, taste the local cuisine, and feel the warmth of local hospitality. Join us for an adventure that will stay in your memory forever.

Highlights of the Kyrgyzstan Colors Tour

  • Exploring the ancient Silk Road cities of Bishkek, Osh, and Karakol
  • Hiking through the stunning valleys and mountains of the Tien Shan range
  • Camping by the crystal-clear waters of Lake Issyk-Kul, one of the world's highest lakes
  • Experiencing the unique traditions and culture of the Kyrgyz people, including staying in traditional yurts and tasting the national drink, kymyz
  • Witnessing traditional sports like horseback riding, eagle hunting, and kok boru (a type of polo played with a goat carcass)
  • Sampling delicious national cuisine, which blends influences from Russia, China, and Central Asia
  • Enjoying warm hospitality from locals who are eager to share their culture and traditions with visitors.
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Itinerary: Bishkek city – Cholpon Ata town – Karakol town – Bokonbaev village – Tash Rabat caravanserai - Son Kul lake – Bishkek city

Arival in Bishkek. Transfer to the city will take 30-40 min. Hotel check in (early check-in is NOT included).
Time to rest.
Start city tour after late breakfast. Sightseeing tour includes the Monument of Kyrgyz National hero Manas, Changing of Guards of Honor, State Historical Museum, Kurmanjan Datka and Lenin statues, main Ala Too Square, governmental buildings, Oak park and Fine Art gallery.
The sightseeing tour of Bishkek comes to the end at the Victory Square.
Welcoming dinner in a local restaurant.
(Breakfast – hotel, dinner – local restaurant)

Breakfast | Dinner

Breakfast at the hotel.
Today we have interesting day as we leave the city and head to the countryside.
At first we stop to learn more about the Great Silk Road and visit the Burana Tower Historical complex.
Burana Tower (ancient minaret) is located in 12 km far from Tokmok town. The territory where the tower is located was called Balasagyn town. This town had the strategic meaning for the Great Silk Road. Here you will see a small museum with exhibits found at excavations, providing more details about this ancient settlement, and become familiar with collection of Balbals, turkic grave marks.

Then, we continue our trip to the Issyk Kul Lake.
Issyk Kul Lake has a tectonic origin. It is a second largest alpine lake in the world after Titicaca, which is located in South America. Its length reaches 182 km, and width is 58 km, maximum depth is up to 668 m. During the summer period temperature of its water reaches up to 20-23 C°.
On the way you may admire beautiful landscape and change of scenery.
Arrival at the Cholpon Ata town and visit local famous petroglyphs site.
After excursion continue driving to Karkaol town.
Short stop on the lake shore for swimming.
Evening arrival to Karakol. Check-in to hotel.
(Breakfast – hotel)


In the morning we start city tour in Karakol town.
Visit Memorial Museum of N.M. Przhevalski a great Russian explorer and researcher of Asian continent, which 12 km far from Karakol.
Later Dungan mosque a unique building in a style of the Chinese pagoda which is functioning mosque up to now.
Also you will visit Russian Orthodox Holy Trinity Church built of wood without a single nail used. In the miraculous iconostasis of the church there is the famous Tikhvinian icon of Divine Mother, painted in 1897.

After city tour drive along the south shore of Issyk Kul lake.
First stop at Djety Oguz canyon for a little hike.
Djety Oguz from Kyrgyz language is translated as Seven Bulls. Unlike Fairy Tale Canyon this picturesque gorge differs in the mountains covered with Tien Shan fir tree. At the beginning of the gorge you will face a famous Broken Heart Rock. Walking up further to panorama you will see those famous Seven Bulls rocks. The tourist guide will tell you the legend about the origin of the gorge name. In the Soviet times, there was a sanatorium built in the gorge. Many people used to come here for treatment with the help of radon water. Cosmonauts used to come here for rehabilitation, even Yuri Gagarin.
After Djety Oguz continue drive along the south shore of Issyk Kul Lake till we reach Kajy Sai district where stop for a walk at the Skazka canyon.
Arrival to Bokonbaev village. Visit of local woman cooperative of felt making production.
Accommodation at the guest house.
Dinner in place of accommodation.
(Breakfast – hotel, dinner – guest house)

Breakfast | Dinner

In the morning after breakfast head to meet Golden Eagle hunter to see demonstration of hunting and training of birds of prey.
Then we start way to Kara Koyun gorge – Tash Rabat Caravan Saray via Naryn town.
Naryn is a town of long and narrow form, situated along the famous Naryn River also named Syr Darya, which is one of the biggest rivers in Kyrgyzstan and Central Asia. Naryn is the only town in Kyrgyzstan, where 90 % of the population is Kyrgyz.
Here we briefly visit the Central Blue Mosque and the Central Square.
Later drive further south in a direction of China. Turn to Kara Koun canyon and reach yurt camp. Accommodation.
Tash Rabat caravanserai is situated at the elevation of 3200 m asl. not far from Chinese border (Torugart). Its origin is a complete mystery; however, there is a hypothesis that it was built in 10th century. Researchers consider it to be a Nestorian monastery, others suppose it to be a victualing-house for the trade caravans, and third ones insist on its defensive function. It is obviously clear that during the various epochs Tash Rabat caravanserai had different functions.
Dinner and overnight at the yurt camp.
(Breakfast – guest house, dinner – yurt camp)

Breakfast | Dinner

In the morning we start as usual and head to the Tash Rabat caravanserai for excursion (close to the camp).
After interesting historical excurse we drive back to Naryn town and further to the Son Kul lake via Moldo Ashuu pass.
In the afternoon reach Son Kul lake.
Alpine Son Kul Lake is located on Tien Shan range at the elevation of 3016 m. The territory around Son Kul is a pasture for the cattle driven from Kochkor village, Naryn and Jumgal regions. During the summer Son Kul pasture is considered to be the best Kyrgyz jailoo. The road to the lake goes through the windy mountain passes and vanishes in the sky. As a result, Son Kul Lake from Kyrgyz language translates as “Last Lake”.
Accommodation in a local comfortable yurt camp.
Here you can feel like a real nomads and get acquainted with the culture of Kyrgyz people.
Yurt – is a traditional dwelling of nomadic people of Central Asia. The foundation of yurt consists of wooden carcass and several felt layers. The construction of such dwelling doesn’t require a lot of time that makes it practical and useful for locals. The interior of a yurt is decorated with felt carpets and traditional embroidery.
Dinner and overnight.
(Breakfast – yurt camp, dinner – yurt camp)

Breakfast | Dinner

After breakfast proceed to Bishkek city. Long drive via Kalmak Ashuu pass, Kochkor village, around Orto Tokoi reservoir, over Kuvaky pass and Boom canyon to Chui valley.
Upon arrival to Bishkek still have some time to deal with unfinished business, purchase souvenirs or gifts back to your relatives and friends.
Farewell dinner at a local restaurant is waiting for us today.
Overnight at the hotel.
(Breakfast – yurt camp, dinner - local restaurant).

Breakfast | Dinner
Duration: 6-7 hour

Group or individual transfers to airport for flight back home.
(Breakfast – hotel)




7 breakfast, 5 dinner


transport depending on the group size



  • meals- as per program
  • eagle hunting show
  • english speaking guide
  • entrance and ecological fee according to the program
  • drinking water (1 liter per person a day)
  • visit of felt making cooperative


“Please note that we use a local supplier for your arrival airport transfer. As tourism is a growing industry in Central Asia, your driver may not speak English.”

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