5 Most Interesting Places to Visit in Tashkent Excursion

Tashkent Excursion

Planning a tour to Uzbekistan, as well as in any other country, we, of course, “shovel” a ton of information on the questions “where to go? what to see? where to visit?”, make plans and routes, but in the end we go where the guide shows the way. Of course you should and must visit all the “classic” attractions, but in this article we want to dilute these classics with our view of the “must see places.
So, let’s go and have a look around Tashkent:

1) Tashkent House of Photography.
The building makes a very strong impression (of course for the lovers of old architecture!), It was built in 1934 and is located in the historic part of Tashkent. The total area of the pavilion is 1.5 thousand square meters, so there is a lot to do. It has a collection of old and contemporary art photographs, materials on the history of photography, educational materials, theoretical classes for those who want to learn the art of photography. There is a Photographers Section and a School-Studio of Photographic Art at the House of Photography. There is an active educational work that supports the activities of young photographers.
Address: Tashkent, Istiklol str. 4

2) The Art Center Tashkent Plaza is a kind of mix of modern technology with historical additions, and very impressive additions. The entire palette of national arts and crafts. The permanent exhibition consists of author’s works.
One of the great advantages of this center is that guests are invited not only to view the exposition, but also to take part in making objects of this or that craft. Master classes help every visitor to gain basic skills in making art objects. Classes with masters of folk arts and introduction to the ancient arts of Uzbekistan will certainly turn into bright memories.
Address: 107B, Amir Temur Avenue, Tashkent

3) Planetarium.
Man is part of the universe! Why not take a look at this Universe? Starry sky within arm’s length; planets, meteorites, comets within walking distance – all of this is possible at the Tashkent Planetarium.
The new planetarium is located opposite the Chorsu market, behind the Circus building. It is a unique modern structure in the ensemble of the old Tashkent. The basis of the three-dimensional composition of the Planetarium is a cube covered by a dome. This composition is traditional for Uzbek architecture, in which the square base of the building symbolizes the earth, and the semicircle of the blue dome symbolizes the vault of heaven. Translucent walls of tinted glass decorated with images of celestial bodies give the building a modern look.
Planetarium consists of two halls, one for demonstration and one for exhibition. The showroom, which seats 50-60 people, houses the main equipment, which is designed to demonstrate the starry sky, as well as the planets of the solar system. With the help of projection equipment and selected slides you can see meteorites, black holes, Northern Lights, comets of different sizes, admire the starry sky and the twelve signs of the Zodiac.
Address: 6, Zarkainar Street, Shaikhantaur district, Tashkent.

4) Mirzo Ulugbek Park (former Telman Park).
Why this park? After all, there are not too few of them in Tashkent. The place is very remarkable and significant. Note that the park is over 90, yes, but it is still “green and cheerful. After long and sometimes exhausting excursions one wants to plunge into the shady ligature of perennial trees, sit down on a bench and listen to a live orchestra. Such a small moment of migration from antiquity to cool modernity. And if you’re traveling with the younger generation, there’s plenty of room for the little ones to run around. It is easy to judge by your own impressions.
Address: Tashkent, Mirzo – Ulugbek district, 21 Movarounnakhr str.

5) Ankhor River Quay.
Another one of the few places in Tashkent, on the status of relaxation. The long winding alleys drown in shade, especially welcome in our sultry region. It is a “connecting bridge” of tranquility between the classic landmarks Independence Square and the Monument of Courage. Needless to say, when you can enjoy in person, visiting the capital of our country, so different and attractive Tashkent.
Address: Tashkent, Mustaqillik Square

When compiling this short list, we tried to take into account both strict statistics and personal feelings. Much, as they say, “left out of the picture”, but we will come back here, to this historically-modern city – Tashkent.

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