Security in Uzbekistan (100% High Level)


Is it safe to travel in Uzbekistan?

Against the background of the turbulent situation in many countries around the world, tourists traveling to a country in the Central Asian region, the question of safety in Uzbekistan for tourists arises.

Safety in Uzbekistan for tourists, as well as for citizens of the country is at the highest level. This is an absolutely quiet and peaceful country for traveling alone, as well as for family or group holidays, because here the safety of tourists on the territory of Uzbekistan is guaranteed by the state, as well as each tourist organization is fully responsible for the safety of their tourists, responsible for them to the law. Well and then, security officers are fully responsible for all coming and traveling in Uzbekistan tourists. So going on a trip to Uzbekistan be prepared for the fact that there are a lot of law enforcement officers in the country. You will notice it as soon as you arrive at the airport.

To ensure the safety of tourists in Uzbekistan, the inspection of luggage at airports and train stations is made with special care. Some may be concerned about this security measure, but it is done solely for the peace and order of all those entering and exiting the country. If airport security officers happen to be suspicious of even the slightest detail in your behavior, in your luggage or hand luggage, in your responses to customs officers, etc., you will be questioned in detail and interrogated. Therefore, you should adhere to the duties of every tourist upon arrival in Uzbekistan, carefully fill in the declaration of imported things, medicines and other objects, proper declarations. You should behave yourself appropriately. Please observe all customs and border control regulations on entering and leaving the country.

Further on the way out of the airport you will notice a large number of law enforcement officers who provide security in Uzbekistan for tourists and locals in places of public gathering, be it subway stations, parks, shopping centers and bazaars, and just on the streets. You can be stopped on the street and asked to show your documents. If you have everything in order with registration and terms of stay in Uzbekistan, then you have nothing to worry about. In such cases, the SS officers will simply wish you “Have a good trip”. By the way, in Uzbekistan all police officers act within the law and decency. Since Islam is the dominant religion in Uzbekistan, for example, at the airport, if necessary, women are searched by female SSR officers, respectively men by male SSR officers.

The issue of safety of personal property – to ensure the safety of tourists and their property in Uzbekistan, visitors are asked to watch for their valuables themselves, if necessary – to use safes in hotels and lockers in the air and ground ports of the country. Tourists are also asked to be especially careful in crowded places. After all, despite the presence of security personnel, you are never 100% insured against thieves and crooks. Although, truth be told, thefts in Uzbekistan are few. This may be because of long and thorough job of security services, or it may be echoes of ancient times, when custom to cut off little fingers for the first theft, ring finger – for the second, etc. was adopted from Arabs by Uzbeks. Such a noticeable difference has always distinguished thieves from civilians and automatically alerted citizens. Today, of course, these radical measures are not taken, but the people are so “frightened” that no one wants to steal.

Accordingly, the question: “Is it safe to travel in Uzbekistan?” requires an unambiguous answer: very safe. But there is one caveat! All guests of the country must also personally take care of their safety and security of personal property, which means do not go out unaccompanied in the dark, do not leave your belongings unattended, and be vigilant throughout the trip, along with security officials of Uzbekistan.

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