Ancient Khorezm Tour


It is an excellent travel destination in Uzbekistan which gives you a glimpse of the Khorezm civilization. Khorezm is one of the oldest historical regions of Central Asia which sprang up in around 11 millennium BC. The ruins of the castles and fortresses located in the middle of deserts of Uzbekistan paint a clear picture of once -upon -a-time prosperous Khorezm.

The desert castle in the lost city ofKhorezm houses many buildings and fortresses. Some of them are :


This fortress covers an area of 17 hectares and is enclosed by fortification walls reaching 8-9 meters in height. Wall inscriptions and clay low-reliefs can be seen throughout the fortress. The view of this place resembles a truncated pyramid with a height of roughly 14 meters, but there are over 100 rooms, palace archives, warehouses, two-chamber sanctuaries among other spaces preserved in this place.


This fort is built on the flattop of the hill which offers an exceptional plateau view. It is really ancient and looks out of place where there’s nothing much to see, but other forts and Yurt accommodation complexes are easily accessible from here.


This archaeological site is located in the autonomous republic of Uzbekistan which contains the ruins of this fortified empire.

Big Guldursun fortress

This fortress is located on the boundary of ancient Khorezm and it represents one of the most attractive historical town planning aspects. The walls protecting this fortress reached 15 meters in height, parts of which are still standing today.


The current ruins of this place are not in accordance with the power base of the Afrigid dynasty who ruled Khorezm. A visit to this place will give you a lot of details on the history of Khorezm.


It was a fortress and caravanserai located on the main caravan route from East to East and the other way around. This is built around a courtyard with a well at the center.


The irregular design of this fortress gives it a rather peculiar look which was also entirely a residential complex as opposed to garrison.


It is differing from the rest of the fortresses in here in that it didn’t had any tower and was a garrison of 2,000 soldiers at that time.

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