Tashkent City Tour

Tashkent is a city where you’ll find extraordinary ancient buildings dating back to 7th or 8th BC in the midst of modern metropolis skyscrapers. Now the capital city of Uzbekistan, Taskhent has always been a major center for trade between the East and the West. It sits on the Silk Road route thus facilitating transcontinental trade which made it richer over time.This attracted rulers from around the world who intermittently conquered the city and made it their base. This led to constructions of numerous monuments in honor of their most influential leaders which still stand tall to this day. In a nutshell, Tashkent City Tours are historic, amazing, enlightening, and memorable.

Here’s Why You Should Visit Tashkent On A City Tour:

  • Numerous ancient monuments, mosques, mausoleums, minarets dating back.
  • Big oriental shopping centers throughout the city.
  • Remarkable collection of art and manuscripts preserved in various museums.
  • Traditional oriental cuisine experience.
  • Fair number of recreational activities to enjoy like Disneyland, Aqualand.

Tashkent City Has Following Sightseeing Options:

Khazrati Imam Architectural Complex

An architectural complex formed around the cemetery of renowned Islamic scholar Khazrati Imam, it houses various other tombs, mosques, madrasahs, making this a unique tourist spot altogether.Barak-Khan Madrasah, Tilla Sheikh Mosque, Namazgoh Mosque, The Muftiate building are just some of the other well-known monuments you’ll get to see in this complex. Bogi-KeykausGarden and KaffalShashi’s tomb are the sacred pilgrimage center where the greatest figures of the time are worshipped.

Chorsu Bazaar

It is one of the largest open-air markets in Central Asia where you can get a sense of real oriental shopping and market experience. Various daily necessities are sold under this blue-colored domed building and is a major source of grocery and everyday items for the locals.

The KhodjaAkhrarVali Mosque

The mosque is dedicated to one of the most influential person in Uzbekistan history, KhodjaAkhrar. This “Friday Mosque” was built in XV Century and was later renovated and rebuilt by European architectures in XIX Century giving it a somewhat peculiar but fascinating look.

History Museum of the People of Uzbekistan

Also known as The State Museum of History of Uzbekistan, it was founded in 1876 and keep accounts of the evolution of Uzbekistan from its early inhabitants to its present form. You can also find collections from Stone Age and later the Tamerlane Dynasty.

The Central Part Of Tashkent Provides Equal Sightseeing Opportunities.

Amir Timur Square

The horse riding statue of the most prominent leaders in Uzbek history, Amir Timur, stands tall in the center of this square. Parks have been developed around the statue which serves as an excellent place for stretching your legs.

Independence Square (Mustaqillik Maydoni)

The central square of Tashkent is one of the favorite resting place for tourists and residents alike interlinking many different routes of the city. The recent development in recreation around the park has extended its beauty.

Tashkent Television Tower

With an astounding height of 375 meters, it is the highest Uzbek construction primarily used for radio communication purposes. This tower also has a number of lobbies and restaurants with high speed elevators.


The beauty and service of the underground subways of Taskhent are unparallel to anything you can think. The tidy floors and beautifully decorated walls offer a unique experience to visitors.

After you’re done visiting the major tourist spots, you can take advantage of the recreational option in the evening or night time that Tashkent offers:

Disneyland Tashkent

Get to experience the ultra-Disneyland adventure in Tashkent as well with breathtaking rollercoaster and boat rides.

Tashkent Zoo

If you’re a wildlife enthusiast, you should visit the Tashkent Zoo which accommodates over 3,000 individual animals.

Aqua land Tashkent

Get the ultimate water park experience at Aqua land in Tashkent with miles of rides and slides.

Japanese Garden

Visit Japanese Garden if you just need somewhere to relax amidst diverse floral beauty with Japanese aesthetics.

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