Batken, Kyrgyzstan

Batken tour

Batken is an undiscovered Asia that will capture the imagination of every tourist. The newest, the most remote and the most interesting corner of Kyrgyzstan – what is it hiding? Together with Minzifa Travel you will be able to solve this mystery!

Anyone, who has never been to Batken, can only guess, what this wonderful Kyrgyz village is like. Honeydew apricots, ancient fortresses, mysterious caves, post-Soviet atmosphere, and mind-blowing sunshine – we suggest you do not hesitate and go on a trip right now!

What to see in Batken?

Kyrgyzstan is a hospitable country, and no matter how much time you spend here, the locals will always offer to stay at least one more day. But what if you have only a couple of days at your disposal? Then it is better to start your acquaintance with the unexplored land of Kyrgyzstan by visiting such places as:

  • Sarkent is a national park. The peculiarity of this place is five mountain lakes, which are surrounded by juniper forests. The park is home to golden eagles and bears, and if you want, you can spend the night here: just put up a yurt and try koumiss and ayran;
  • Sary Too – rainbow mountains, which locals have nicknamed shells. And all because the mountains were once at the bottom of the Sarmatian Sea, and so far archaeologists have found the remains of plants and fossils, which are estimated at about 500 million years old. Near the mountains always grow bright flowers and lizards are hiding under them. Going to Sary Too, be sure to take your camera;
  • Ai Kol is a lake whose name translates as “moon lake”. To see the natural attraction, you will have to climb to a height of 3 km, but the effort is worth it. Since the lake is surrounded by steep cliffs, you cannot walk on the shore for a long time;
  • Aigul-tash is a mountain near which there is a lunar flower Aigul, which is included in the Red Book of Kyrgyzstan. According to a legend, the flowers grew here after a girl Aigul threw herself from the mountain, not being able to bear the death of her beloved. Important: it is forbidden to pick moonflowers, and there is a fine.

Weather in Batken

The territory of Batken has a moderately humid climate: the average annual temperature is +16 C. Summers are arid and hot, the thermometer rarely falls below +30 ° C. Winters are snowy, cloudy, frosty with the average temperature of -3 °С.

The rainy season, like in most Asian countries, begins in March. Autumn is warm, without rain and wind. The main feature of Batken is a large number of sunny days, so locals do not lack vitamin D.

When is the best time to go to Batken?

Batken is an off-season resort, so you can come here at any time of year. But before planning a trip it is worth remembering that:

Most tourists come to Batken during the vacation season and on weekends. If you can, and have no desire to stand in line, you can reschedule your trip for quieter days;

in the south of Kyrgyzstan in the summer months you cannot do without sunscreen and headgear. Already in May it is very hot in the country, and it is at this time Batken is ideal for visiting;

choose the season to explore the resort of Kyrgyzstan should be based on the purpose of your future trip. Spring – frequent rains, but blossoming flowers. Summer – the heat in the city and a pleasant coolness in the mountains. In the fall it will be cool by the water, but very comfortable in the woods. And in winter, tourists will be able to see the stunning scenery, the main thing is to dress for the weather.

After a trip to Batken you will surely have the most vivid emotions and impressions. This is a great place to fight the fear of darkness, heights, water and just admiring the natural beauty. For questions about booking tours, please contact Minzifa Travel on WhatsApp, e-mail Enjoy your trips!

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