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There are not many historical and cultural monuments in Kyrgyzstan. Usually tourists come to the country to admire the natural sights and feel the amazing Asian atmosphere. But in Kyrgyzstan you can find unique monuments with Minzifa Travel!

Burana Tower is one of the main cultural heritage of Kyrgyzstan. The Kyrgyz are a nomadic people, and this way of life did not imply sedentarization and creation of landmarks. The monument is associated with Uzbek architecture and has been attracting the eyes of tourists for centuries.

What to see when arriving at Burana Tower?

Burana Tower was erected in the 10th century on the bank of the Chu River. Many centuries ago the city of Balasagun was located on the site of the monument. As part of the Great Silk Road, the city was one of the richest points. After the Mongol-Tatar conquest, Balasagun disappeared, leaving only the famous tower. All that remained of the once majestic city were the ruins of mausoleums and palaces.

The history of Burana Tower is shrouded in a variety of legends and an aura of mystery and sadness. According to one of the most beautiful legends, the powerful Khan had a very beautiful and intelligent daughter. The people believed that the beautiful girl would become the happiest, but everything happened differently. One soothsayer foretold the girl a terrible death: she was to die from the bite of a dangerous black spider. Terrified, Khan did not know how to save his daughter, and in despair he ordered the construction of a tower in which the girl could hide. The Khan’s daughter moved into the tower, and almost no one was allowed to see her. On her sixteenth birthday, her father decided to congratulate his daughter, and as a present, he brought grapes: the very black spider was hidden in the leaves. The poisonous bite turned out to be fatal, and for a long time Khan could not come to terms with his grief. He struck the tower with his fist to let off steam, and several of the upper bricks fell off. The tower survives to this day half-destroyed.

Burana Tower translates as Minaret Tower. Such structures used to be built next to cathedral mosques. The minaret is built of beams and burnt bricks and resembles a quadrangular podium. The sides of the podium are finished with marble blocks. The arched niches are decorated with ornamental frames.

Inside the tower there is a spiral staircase which leads to an observation deck. A beautiful view of the ancient settlement and mountains opens from it. The steps of the spiral staircase are made of planks and burnt bricks, and there are light windows at the edges of the staircase.

Burana Tower is recognized by the museum as a sanctuary. Near the tower are stone sculptures with detailed headdresses and facial features. On the sculptures can be discerned rock carvings. There is a pavilion on the territory of the complex with a mock reconstruction of structures and other archaeological finds.

When is the best time to go to Burana Tower?

The tower is located in the north of Kyrgyzstan, and therefore the weather is very unstable here. The tower is a monument of cultural and historical heritage, so the area around it is landscaped, you can come in rainy weather. But the best time to visit one of the main Kyrgyz sights is the second half of summer and the beginning of autumn. At this time the sun is not so dangerous, the wind blows lightly and it rarely rains. In winter, it is better to refrain from travel, especially in Kyrgyzstan there are many interesting destinations.

Burana Tower is of great historical value not only to Kyrgyzstan, but to all of Asia. Ruins of mausoleums, remains of a palace complex, UNESCO heritage – there is a lot to see here. For reservations for sightseeing tours, please contact Minzifa Travel on WhatsApp email travel@minzifatravel.com.

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