Travel to Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan

Traveling through Bishkek

Bishkek is the heart and soul of the republic. The city was founded only in 1825, which for history is equal to one second. But we are sure that with Minzifa Travel you will find unique places on the map of this wonderful city.

What to see in Bishkek?

There are many interesting attractions in Bishkek, so tourists will not be bored. If you come to the Kyrgyz city for the first time, start your acquaintance with it with a visit:

  • Ala-Too Square. The second name of the most beautiful square in the city is Snowy Mountains. There are well-groomed flowerbeds, fountains and parks, and a large stage where concerts are held. Ala-Too looks especially beautiful from a height: fountains, lawns and paths form a national ornament;
  • Panfilov Park. The park is built in the shape of a five-pointed star, which can be seen from the Ferris wheel. The whole thing is that it is named after Major General Panfilov, who was a hero of the USSR. The park has many comfortable benches, where you can relax in the shade of trees and listen to the birds. It is good to walk here with children, there are carousels and playgrounds;
  • Victory Square. On the square is a monument dedicated to the fight against fascism. The composition is made in the form of a yurt, and in the center there is a picture of a woman. She bent over the eternal flame waiting for all those heroes who are not destined to return to their native lands;
  • Alley of Youth. It leads to the main university of the city, so there are always a lot of students here. The alley is planted with beautiful multicolored roses, whose thorns represent the thorny path to knowledge;
  • The Holy Resurrection Cathedral. This is the main Orthodox center of Bishkek: the cathedral of the sky-blue color with a hipped bell tower. The cathedral was built in the Moscow Baroque style;
  • The monument to Manas the Magnificent. In honor of the twentieth anniversary of Kyrgyzstan’s independence, a bronze statue dedicated to the hero of the folk epic was erected. The sculpture depicts a warrior holding a sword in his scabbard. The sculptor originally intended for the sword to be bare, but later it was decided that the raised hand – a gesture of greeting, hospitality and openness – would more accurately represent the main values of the Kyrgyz.

Weather in Bishkek

Bishkek has a continental climate, which is not surprising for a southern region. The warmest and sunniest month of the year is July, the coldest is January. In summer, the thermometer rises to +25 ° C, in winter it drops to -4 ° C.

The rainy season in Kyrgyz town starts in May and lasts till midsummer. In autumn and spring, locals and tourists enjoy sunshine and warmth, the windy season begins in March.

When is the best time to go to Bishkek?

The most favorable season for travel to Bishkek is summer. Tourists can explore all the sights the country has to offer. From May to October, you can go hiking in the most impassable mountainous areas: during the warm seasons there are wonderful views. Summer in Bishkek is a great time for beach, cultural and any other holiday.

Winter in Kyrgyzstan will appeal to lovers of snowboarding and skiing: you can visit museums and national cafes. In spring, tourists can try koumiss and admire the blooming fields. And in the fall, there are no obstacles to travel: no wind, no rain, no cold days until November.

Bishkek is a popular but still unrecognized city, so getting to know it will amaze even the most seasoned travelers. For questions about booking sightseeing tours, please contact Minzifa Travel on WhatsApp, e-mail

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