Best Time To Visit Central Asia


Central Asia has exceptionally various scene differing from extensive deserts to high mountains more than 7000 meters high peaks. Uzbekistan’s scene is for the most part formed by Kyzylkum desert which is around 298,000 km2. Turkmenistan’s scene is formed by Karakum desert which is around 350,000 km² and possesses 3/4th of the nation.

Kazakhstan’s region is for the most part shrouded by steppes and in the south close to Almaty region by Tian Shan mountains. Kyrgyzstan is a rugged nation and the greater part of its domain lay above 1500 meters. The greater part of Tajikistan’s region is secured by Pamir mountains and over a portion of the nation is situated over 3000 meters.

In the mountains of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan, the temperature is exceptionally charming in summer. Deserts and the steppe get extremely sweltering in summer subsequently, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan are best to visit in Spring or Autumn.

Best time to visit Central Asia relies upon your correct plans. In the event that you might want to visit every one of the five Stans, the end of summer and the beginning of Autumn is the best time to go.

The Climate Of Central Asia

Central Asia has a continental atmosphere, which implies that the nations have chilly winters and sweltering summers. This is caused by its separation from seas and extensive oceans since substantial waterways can warm or cool air masses going to the land. For the most part, the atmosphere of nations that approach huge waterways has milder temperature fluctuations.

When To Go

  • High Season (April-June, September– October)
  • Agreeable temperatures in the lowlands.
  • Bazaars are flooded with organic products in September.
  • Shoulder (July and August)
  • Sizzlingly hot in the marshes, particularly in Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and western Tajikistan.
  • The best time to visit bumpy Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and southeastern Kazakhstan.
  • Prime-time for trekking (July to September).
  • Low Season (November– March)
  • Chilly in Uzbekistan, frozen in sub-Siberian Kazakhstan and cold in the mountains.
  • Numerous traveler lodgings and B&Bs shut in Uzbekistan; the rest offer enormous rebates.
  • March is a decent time climate astute for Turkmenistan.

Visiting Cities Of Central Aisa

All extensive urban communities of Central Asia are situated at an elevation lower than 1000 meters and in summer the temperature in urban areas can get more than 40°C. In the event that you intend to visit only the biggest urban areas, the temperature is lovely in Spring and Autumn. Summer is likewise an extremely dry season in Central Asia and accordingly, dry warminzifatravel.comh climate prevails Central Asian atmosphere.

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