Central Asia Activities


Some of the best activities you cannot afford to miss while visiting Central Asia

Wine Tasting in Samarkand

Samarkand’s winemaking history goes back to the mid-nineteenth century when a Russian pioneer winemaker propelled his first wine generation in the district. You’ll experience Uzbek wines and cognacs on a 2-hour tasting visit at Khovrenko Winery. Enjoy a reprieve from Samarkand’s World Heritage-recorded landmarks and find out about its winemaking traditions.

Private Trip To Tashkorgan From Kashgar

The excursion offers everyone a chance to drive along the China Pakistan Karakorum Highway on the Pamir level which is considered as the top of the world. Appreciate lovely views of OytaghKunlunshancolorful mountain range, Gaz Valley and visit the Karakul Lake. You will likewise visit Stone Fort, Tajik town, climb on the Grassland, and visit a nearby Kyrgyz family. This private visit gives you a plausibility not exclusively to appreciate the normal magnificence of the zone yet additionally to become more acquainted with better the life of the nearby individuals and their special culture.

4-Hour Private Walking Tour Of Kashgar Old Town

Kashgar’s spirit is in Kashgar Old Town, it speaks to the city’s past and present. What is a superior method to have a profound voyage through the Kashgar old town with your private guide the entire time? Set out on this 4-hour strolling visit, you will discover the real ways, shops, nearby individuals, culture, life and considerably more in this 2000-year-old town. This top to bottom visit outlines the accounts behind the Kashgar Old City’s sacrosanct destinations.

Discover Turpan Including Karez System And Emin Minaret

Find the city of Turpan while on this entire day visit. Observe all around safeguarded antiquated towns including going out for a stroll on the provincial Silk Road. See the Karez Irrigation System, Emin Minaret, Bezklik Thousand Buddha Caves, Astana Tombs, and other critical regions.

The Trip To Shipton’s Arch

Shipton’s Arch, Heavenly Gate in Chinese, is a notable site as of late. This day trip offers you a chance to discover the commanding Arch from Kashgar while you climb in the valley to get the best photograph of the Arch.

Charyn Canyon

On the off chance that you have just a single day for exploring Almaty edges and want to see one of the interesting normal landmarks of Kazakhstan – the day trek to Charyn Canyon is for you. Situated in 190 km from Almaty the ravine leaves an enduring impression with its fantastic wonder and magnificence. Driving through the provincial zone and visiting the nearby market will give a total inundation in the way of life of the Kazakh country.

Kolsai Lakes

“Pearls of the Northern Tien-Shan”, speaking to a course of three mountain lakes. Any individual who in any event once has seen these entrancing fortunes of nature will always remember their wonder, dull blue water, peace, and tranquility around. Amid the visit, you will likewise visit Kaindy Lake, the dazzling shade of which and wonderful pine woods standing out of the water at a height of 2000 meters above ocean level can’t abandon you aloof. On the third day, you will stroll in the Charyn Canyon, helping the Grand Canyon to remember the Colorado River in North America. In the event that you need to see the day by day schedule of genuine Kazakh families in their homes, to have a trekking in the unblemished mountain nature and visit the one of a kind common fortunes of Kazakhstan

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