Best Time to Visit Uzbekistan

Best Time to Visit Uzbekistan

Advantages of visiting Uzbekistan in the fall

What is the best time to visit Uzbekistan? This question is asked by every traveler who is going to come to a wonderful, sunny, hospitable country with rich history and culture – Uzbekistan. Of course, each of us wants to enjoy not only the cultural program of the tour to Uzbekistan, but also the aesthetic pleasure of the trip. And by choosing the most pleasant time of the year, we increase all our chances for a great vacation in Uzbekistan.

Every country is especially beautiful at certain times of the year, and the best time to visit Uzbekistan is autumn and spring. This article will talk about visiting Uzbekistan in autumn and what benefits you can get from a trip to Uzbekistan during this period.

Autumn is the best time to visit Uzbekistan for many reasons. First of all, climatic conditions, simply the weather in the first half of autumn, which is September – October, is the most optimal to visit this Central Asian country. Summer heat, which rages on the territory of Uzbekistan in July – August has already gone, but still warm sun during the day warms the air to a nice feeling. In the evening it is cool, and it would be nice to wrap up in something warm. By the way, very beautiful look ancient monuments of history and architecture among the autumn colors of nature, which gives the environment autumn.

The second advantage that you can get in autumn – the best time to visit Uzbekistan – is a variety of fruits, they abound in the Uzbek land. Autumn in Uzbekistan gives us the most useful of fruits – valuable, healthy figs, pomegranates, which according to recent studies help to rejuvenate the cells of the human body, quince, its fragrance cannot be confused with any other fruit, persimmon, which has a completely new taste for some! Watermelons, melons, varieties of grapes and more!

Another advantage, though not so great, but no less interesting, at the best time to visit Uzbekistan, in the autumn may be a huge number of Uzbek weddings, which begin after the significant Muslim holiday of Kurban Khait, which ends the month of Ramadan. It is a great opportunity for travelers to see with their own eyes some of the culture and customs of the Uzbek people. Almost in every yard and on every street loud sounds of karnaya are heard, which informs everyone that it is the happy moment in the life of the bride and groom!

Come in the fall, it’s the best time to visit Uzbekistan. So you can fully enjoy not only excursions to such ancient cities like Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, but also see Uzbekistan from its best side!

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