Special Beauty of Uzbekistan + 1 Legend (About Uzbek)


Uzbekistan is the pearl of Central Asia!

There is a legend that when the Most High distributed the land, all nationalities came to get their part of the earth. Everyone hurried forward to get the best place, and the Almighty tried his best to ensure that each nation got a good piece of land according to its needs, capabilities, and abilities.

The Uzbek who stood in this line politely let everyone pass ahead of him, saying: “Please come in, marhamat!” In the end, presented to the Almighty most last, he was met with a question, “Why are you late, Uzbek? I have already given away all the land!

  • O Most High, I tried to be polite and friendly to all the nations, as you taught me, I let everyone pass ahead and stayed last, and here I am before you.

Hearing this answer, the Almighty brightened up, smiled, and said to Uzbek, “For your kindness, for your attitude toward the people around you, I will give you a piece of Paradise, which I left for myself!”

When Uzbek, reached his land, the beauty of Uzbekistan struck him to the core, and he stayed here forever!”

An oasis among deserts, they say about Uzbekistan! Mountains turning into plains and deserts, washed by rivers carrying the refreshing and necessary coolness of their waters. Emerald greenery, hot sun, ripe fruit, the beauty of these places has amazed travelers on the Great Silk Road for thousands of years, and continues to amaze modern travelers. The great architectural monuments that have survived to the present day are as beautiful and skillful as the world’s sights.

At present the UNESCO World Heritage List includes historical parts of four cities in Uzbekistan: Ichan Kala (inner fortress in Khiva), the historical part of Bukhara, Samarkand and the historical part of Shakhrisabz, each with grandiose structures, which have survived and endured for generations of rulers, townsmen and travelers. One look at them makes you think how infinite time is, and at the same time how fleeting it is! All this is worth seeing for yourself, not by the stories and photographs of those who have already been to Uzbekistan!

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