What Not to Take on Vacation in Uzbekistan?


Things you definitely won’t need on a trip to Uzbekistan.

Going on vacation, we always dream of going with one small bag, but at the end of packing, we find ourselves with a whole suitcase, what not to bring on vacation – to answer this question, follow these simple rules.

  1. Hair dryer. If you will be staying in hotels, then you should not take a hair dryer with you. Nowadays every hotel, unless it is a yurt in the desert or the steppe, provides its guests with a hair dryer. By the way, you can ask the manager of the hotel.
  2. Hygiene products in large quantities. Well, why do you need to carry a large tube of toothpaste? You can buy it in mini size (many companies today make their products in travel size). Just do not forget to pack them in a plastic, transparent bag!
  3. Double volume. By the way, if you are traveling together, you can take all the beauty products one for two. It will save both space in your luggage and weight!
  4. Hardcover books. If you can’t go on vacation without a book, choose softcover books or even an electronic version.
  5. Values. If your vacation doesn’t involve going to the “high society,” then you shouldn’t take jewelry with stones! Agree that they will be safer, if left in a storage room or under the supervision of very close people.
  6. Evening gowns and suits. The same can be said about weekend evening dresses if you will not have a special occasion on vacation where you would wear a dress, then do not take it!
  7. A bunch of swimsuits. A couple of swimsuits you can take with you, but agree, three or more may simply not be worn, they will remain in your luggage untouched.
  8. Sportswear. One pair of sneakers certainly will not be superfluous, one tracksuit may also be useful, but to pack with the things for the daily workout – may be too much, because it is unlikely you will work out on vacation. It’s a vacation after all!
  9. Home First Aid Kit. Let’s face it, and carefully analyze the place of your trip – all you may need from medicines on vacation is one antipyretic, analgesic, against stomach problems and allergies, and depending on the region – antimicrobial and insect repellent. And, of course, those vital remedies that you can’t do without. But be sure to find out if they are legal to take to the country of destination.
  10. Large, uncomfortable hat. Such a hat can really be a travel inconvenience if it can’t be folded in addition!
  11. clothes that don’t match. Before packing, think through your vacation closet, pick a few things that match. Let you take not much with you, but every day you will look fresh, and most importantly easy!
  12. Things you always take with you when you travel but never use on vacation. These things are always left lying around in your suitcases, there’s no need for them. Better to leave them at home, as they will not be useful this time either!
  13. And finally, things that are not on the list. If while packing you suddenly saw a thing that is not on your list, it’s better not to take it with you, it will not be useful!

Always travel light! The most important luggage should be the experience of vacation!

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