Kazakhstan Culture

Kazakhstan is the biggest landlocked nation in the world, with Russia bordering it from the North, China from the West; down in the South there is Uzbekistan and the Caspian Sea in its Western Border.

The biggest city, Almaty, is almost a nostalgic city of Europe with its leafy streets, Chic ALZhiR Museum-Memorial Complex, hedonistic nightlife, and glossy shopping malls. The capital Astana, on the windswept northern plain, has been modified into a 21st-century showpiece with plenty of clear futuristic design.

The nomadic way of life did not allow themselves to the development of architectural monuments, and thus Central Asia’s ancient cultural centres, full of architectural beauty, were located in the south of Kazakh lands.

Kazakhstan cultural tours combine familiarization with Kazakh nomadic customs, cuisine, creations. During your journey, you will be accompanied by qualified tour leaders guides who will take responsibility not only about exciting travel program but also about your comfort.

You can go for a trip or hike in spectacular places, music shows, images of hunting with birds of prey, supervised tours to the rock paintings of archaic people, and more.

The area of Independence in Shymkent, The house of drama theatre in Almaty, Quay of river Ural in Atyrau, Central Mosque in Almaty, an airport in Almaty, a train station in Kyzylorda town and the Aktau town these are some of the scenes which you can observe in the country of Kazakhstan.

Southern Kazakhstan, is home to the number of Islamic buildings like The KhojaAkhmedYasavi Mausoleum, in the center of Türkistan, The Arystanbab Mosque, established near the ancient city of Otrar, and the hamlets of Talapty and Kogam, and The Aisha-Bibi Mausoleum, in the city of Taraz. The capitals of Kazakhstan also hold examples of Russian architecture, such as The Zenkov Cathedral (built in 1904) in Almaty. The design of the Soviet period mostly took the style of drab, and functional structures.

Traditional Kazakh community arts are presented as an illustration of their cultural identity.

Kazakhs are appreciated for their handcrafted textiles, especially colorful felt sheets, and woolen carpets. The rugs are traditionally used to enhance the floors and walls of yurts, and they were judged as a symbol of wealth. Kazakhs also make knitted garments and silver jewelry.

These are just some of the mystic adventures that will leave your senses tingling on our cultural ventures. And with our expert local guides, you will gain more knowledge and can get closer than you have ever been before.

Cultural tours to Kazakhstan can boost you to have a glimpse at the main appeals of Kazakhstan. In your journey, you can attend the famous AltynEmel National Park, BaikonurCosmodrome, to view the spectacular Charyn canyon, and can visit the world’s great alpine skating rink Medeo.

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