Kazakhstan Cuisines

The world’s ninth-largest nation, the most economically ahead of the Stans, all credit goes to its plentiful of oil reservoir and most other worthy minerals. ‘Place full of apples’- Almaty is the main and the earlier capital city of Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan has excellent places where you can meet people, experience the exclusive nightlife and can shop until your pockets get empty.

Almost in any restaurant, you can try popular sturgeon shashlik, skewers cooked on an extensive fire or grill. In the markets, you will see many strange items, such as Kazy-A traditional Kazakh sausage, made of specially prepared horse meat. This dish is a common element of the festive table, also called Dastarkhan.

People living here also have their gardens on the outskirts of the town, where they grow strawberries and veggies.

The Caspian Sea is always been recognized for black caviar and sturgeon fish.

Best savory dishes to taste at Kazakhstan like, El Dorado serves a variety of food from pizza to salads, and it is another popular place in this city. You will get to see a spread of food, there starting from contemporary salads to pizza pie and a lot more savory dishes.

Madlen, it’s a chain of restaurants placed well in Shymkent. They additionally serve tea and coffee.

Bar Villa areaesthetically pleasing and a hotspot in Kazakhstan.The spacious edifice is common among its international people and encompasses a menu starting from alimentary paste to native dishes to world favourites.

Cuisine In Kazakhstan :


In Kazakhstan, this dish is very famous and also among nomadic Turkic peoples in Central Asia. The term Beshbarmak means “five fingers,” because nomads used to eat this dish with their hands. The professional chefs chopped the steamed meats with knives, mixed with boiled noodles, and spiced with onion sauce.

Shashlik :

It is a popular dish in Central Asia (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia). It contains meat cubes skewered with some vegetables roasted over an open fire or on a sack of coals.

Kazy :

Kazy is a common component on a ‘Dastarkhan’, a table set for a pleasant meal. It is a sausage and mainly eaten in Tatars, Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, and other ethnic societies of Central Asia, particularly those of Turkic origin.

Manti Dumplings :

The Dumplings are full of ground lamb spiced with black pepper (sometimes beef or horse meat), sometimes with the addition of diced pumpkin or squash.

Pelmeni :

The batter is made from flour and water, sometimes they add eggs to it. These are dumplings consisting of a filling wrapped in thin, unleavened batter.

Baursak :

It is a delicious full fried bread served on special occasions all over Kazakhstan.

The batter consists of flour, yeast, milk, eggs, margarine, salt, sugar, and fat.

Tajik Boortsog is often enhanced with a criss-cross pattern by pressing the bottom of a small strainer on the dough before it is fried.

These are some of the famous cuisines which u can try in Kazakhstan. If you need any help planning your tour, then get in touch with us !

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    I intend to travel to Almaty in July 2024 to escape the tormenting summer of dubai. I find Almaty the most reasonable place to visit in
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