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For the adrenaline junkies out there, Kazakhstan has everything that you have on your list. Bungee jumping, mountain skating, skiing, adventure walks, serenity; you name it, you get it. Not only mountains, but the country is also dotted with parks, fountains and beautiful beaches. Here’s a list of Kazakhstan’s nature spots.

Karagiye Depression :

It is time to visit the well-known Karagiye Depression. It is also known as Lake Batir, one of the most magnificent natural wonders in Aktau. Apart from that, it is among the deepest drainage basins of the Commonwealth of Independent Countries.

Karagie Depression is a unique and original site in the south-west of Kazakhstan. The name got translated into Kazakh as “a black hollow”. Even though it is not black color, but with dominating yellow and white, it is considered as one of the lowest points in the world – it reaches 132 meters beneath the sea level.

People say there was used to be a salt lake Batir in place of the hollow some time ago, but now there is only lifeless desert encircled by massive steeps. These areas will allow you to observe the beauty of Kazakh deserts, besides they are found only 50km away from Aktau.

Aktau Beach :

It is hard to find such a magnificent beach in Kazakhstan but you will be glad as there is one. This beach has both rocky hills and sandy beaches along the seaside. There are also several modern resorts on the coast to the south of the city.

Mountain-piala Sherkala :

Aktau has its own mountain canyons known as Sherkala. It looks more like a Hidden Beast but is also resembles a bowl and a tent. You can feel yourself standing on top of the world while at Sherkal.

Karakol Lake:

The long Karakol Lake, surrounded by a dense belt of plants, and don’t to be confused with Koshkarkol Lake which is in the north of the town (used for water purification), is on the western edge of the Karagiye Depression, and south of Aktau.

Abay Park :

It is a lovely Soviet park covered by an ancient green and yellow Ferris wheel that provides glimpses over much of the city.

Abay park has also sports facilities like soccer fields, tennis courts, playgrounds, a brand new circus building, and several large exhibition pavilions etc.

Here you can find the long black marble inscribed with the names of all of those who fought in that war that lies beneath red banners that rumble and flutter in the wind have a quiet.

Badam River :

It is the main river in the city area as well as the main water source for Shymkent. One can enjoy the scenic view of the city while visiting the Badam river. The evening view is magnificent here.

Independence Park :

The most important part of the country is Independence park. This place is known as the symbol of the country. The beauty of the park is mostly to be enjoyed at evening time, the musical fountain is a star attraction at this park and if you happen to be here at night, you can watch the beautiful scenery of the entire park.

Shymkent zoo :

The zoo in Shymkent is another well-known attraction of the city. It is located in the heart of the city center and a perfect place to see animals that are rare and can only be found in Kazakhstan.

Dendro Park :

Dendro park is Located near Shymkent’s in northern border. This Park is very huge in size with several kinds of trees, the artificial river, a lake replete with a bridge and swans.

Fountains of Almaty

You can visit the amusement park and café and before calling it a day do not forget to take a selfie in front of a Fountain.

Dolphinarium tour

Kazakhstan Dolphinarium is a modern marine aquatic located in the heart of Almaty. It is currently home to dolphins and northern seals. The Dolphinarium tour offers its visitors a unique experience to interact with the dolphins and also swim with the friendly aquatic creatures.

Mountains in Kazakhstan

The adventures start off at Almaty with its high mountains and surroundings in the closeness of the city. Trans-Ili Alatau, the surrounding mountains, houses Modeo Gorge, the highest mountain skating rink in the world. Medeo Gorge is also home to a big dam that protects the city from damaging mudflows. Kok-Tobe hill gives you an unforgettable view of the city of Almaty with all its closeness. The world’s tallest TV tower is situated here, and beneath this TV tower, you can walk along the twisting paths of the Kok-Tobe Park. Don’t stop without taking the famous Almaty Cableway from the top of the mountain to the center of the city.

Almaty Lake

The Big Almaty Lake and the Medeo Lake together make up for the water-body scenery that mesmerizes every human that goes there. The lake is known to for its healing powers. The water of Medeo Lake is as fresh as the waters coming from a glacier. Get yourself the most non-polluted breathe in a long time.

Mangyshlak Peninsula

Mangyshlak Peninsula is a land on the eastern coast of the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan. The Mangistau region is in its territory.

One of the most impressive scenes on the peninsula is the valley of stone balls called Torysh. There are several theories of their creation, however, the exact cause is still not known.

Its significant place is on the coast of the Caspian which turns the Mangyshlak Peninsula into a transit passage for the troops on the Silk Road.

Mangyshlak’s Beaches

The Caspian Sea water which is on its east coast is clear, transparent turquoise, yet it is perfect by the regularly expanding of oil drilling at various locations in the area.

Aktau has several lovely beaches with fine sand and small bays between mussel-chalk rocks, where you can find yourself wholly alone outside the high period of late May to the beginning of September.

The most impressive beaches can be seen by turning to the west and traveling through one of the tracks off the road from Aktau to Fort Shevchenko.

Mangyshlak’s Sacred Caves

The dry Mangyshlak Peninsula is a rocky extension of the Ustyurt Plateau extending into the northeastern part of the Caspian Sea.

High in the concentration of cemeteries, mosques, places of pilgrimage and it is recognized as a holy and divine land within Kazakhstan.

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