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Kazakhstan combines the culture of the eastern and the western traditions. Symbolic for the historical and architectural constructions, Kazakhstan is a must visit place for everyone. With shopping sprees to local and international eateries, Kazakhstan has it all. Here’s a list of some of the best Kazakhstan leisure options.

Khan Shatyr

This large circus tent-looking is a structure of a great shopping mall and of an entertainment center. Created by British engineer Norman Foster, the Khan Shatyr’s quilted cloth roof keeps the internal temperature at a mild( 25-30°C) year-round, which makes visitors a pleasant situation in which they can savor the artificial beach, with sand carried from the Maldives.

It is a giant transparent ten, big enough to hold 10,000 people. It is an elliptical base which contains shopping malls, park and entertainment area with squares and cobbled streets, a boating river, etc.

Aktau Beach :

It is hard to find such a magnificent beach in Kazakhstan but you will be glad as there is one. This beach has both rocky hills and sandy beaches along the seaside. There are also several modern resorts on the coast to the south of the city.


Fan of skating? Then reach Medeo Gorge, the world’s highest ice skating rink. Need a bit space for your romanticism? Then Chimbular Ski resort and Kok-Tobe hill is the best place to go to. The Kok-Tobe Park under the tallest tower in the world is one of the most fascinating things to look at. Almaty Lake adds beauty to the already beautiful landscape. With canyons, springs, and lakes all over the place, you just can’t get enough of Almaty.


Shymkent is to Kazakhstan what cocktail is to drinks: a mix of everything. Famous eateries include Madlen, Bar Villa and El Dorado where the mojitos are something to swear by. With locals being really open to interactions, go for a shopping tour at Bazar Samal, the largest bazaar in the city, or bring out the inner child in you at the Fantasy World Park. Rides, games and astonishing food stands await for you.

We got enough to satisfy your sweet tooth too. With a thousand varieties of chocolates and desserts to choose from, your diet will surely be going for a toss. Sports enthusiast? Well, you should witness the Biik Kazygurk, the Shymkent women’s professional team, play in the Champions League.

Night at the Opera

You would unquestionably like to experience one of the most entertaining night at the opera. This place also bids the occasion to see somewhat you might not have to get at the Royal Opera House.

Shopping street

The Silk Road has its famed history. It has a legacy of cultural and economic exchange. The busy roads have street shops starting from luxury handcrafts to fashionable dresses.

Dolphinarium tour

Kazakhstan Dolphinarium is a modern marine aquatic located in the heart of Almaty. It is currently home to dolphins and northern seals. The Dolphinarium tour offers its visitors a unique experience to interact with the dolphins and also swim with the friendly aquatic creatures.

Mangyshlak’s Beaches

The Caspian Sea water which is on its east coast is clear, transparent turquoise, yet it is perfect by the regularly expanding of oil drilling at various locations in the area.

Aktau has several lovely beaches with fine sand and small bays between mussel-chalk rocks, where you can find yourself wholly alone outside the high period of late May to the beginning of September.

The most impressive beaches can be seen by turning to the west and traveling through one of the tracks off the road from Aktau to Fort Shevchenko.

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