Kazakhstan Museums

Kazakhstan is a new, unique and remarkable Oddysey that not only gives you to witness its history but also amaze you with its millennium development over the years. The vast country has a long list of museums and exhibitions to keep its culture and history alive in all possible ways. Here’s a list of Kazakhstan museums.

Shabyt Palace of Creativity :

Shabyt is a palace of arts situated in the north of Kazakh Eli monument. It is a blue dish like building made up of glass.

New National Museum of Kazakhstan :

It is huge National Museum with modern gaudy effects. It is situated next to the Palace of Independence. It was inaugurated in July 2014.

Atameken Map of Kazakhstan :

The beauty of this place is an outdoor museum giving you an overview of the entire country in a miniature version.

Mangystau Regional Local History Museum :

You can continue your tour towards the city museum as there are many unique, colorful and worthy scenes which you need to see. If you are about to visit the city’s Mangystau Regional Local History Museum then your kids can learn a lot of things after visiting this cool and informative museum.


The house is kind of curved, Astana’s catch-all Palace of the Arts, which involves a school of excellent designs, performance spaces and a library and lecture and exhibition halls. The Shabyt’s appearance has led some people to call it the Dog Bowl.

Trade shows

One of the famous events are the trade shows, which is an excellent podium to present the most advanced products and best services of our time by local and international manufacturers. The event is organized every year in Kazakhstan, from March to November.

The country hosts more than 50 international exhibitions, which attract different companies from all over the world to establish export and import in the Central Asian region, improve production and service sector efficiency.

The Central State Museum

Walking across the street to visit the Central State Museum, a place to witness is the history of Kazakhstan, from nomadic culture and Bronze Age burials to the transfer of the capital to Astana it has many beautiful artifacts on display.

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