Kazakhstan Vicinity

The places in Kazakhstan vicinity give you a complete countryside experience.

The Pamir Highway is probably the second highest road on earth and it crosses the Pamir Mountains through Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan.

Kazakhstan shares borders with Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, China, and Kyrgyzstan.

The Pamir Highway- Kazakhstan crossroads

Why is Pamir Highway a must visit while in Kazakhstan?

It gives you the world’s most epic road trip experience-

The “Roof Of The World” as it is known to the Pamiris or Bami-Dunya or the Pamir Highway is said to be the mother of all road trips. One of the world’s grandest and most magnificent adventures whether you drive it or cycle it, the Pamir Highway is surely not going to disappoint you.

The highway offers its visitors high altitude mountain passes dotted with Kyrgyz yurt camps and Pamiri settlements that are surrounded by icy mountain peaks.

Apart from the beautiful backdrop, there are amazing side trips that you can take from the Pamir Highway. The list mentions a few of them-

Other Places On Kazakhstan Vicinity-

  • The Wakhan Valley
  • The Mountain Lakes of Bachor
  • The Bartang Valley
  • The Pshart & Madiyan Valleys
Turquoise mountain lakes

Kazakhstan neighborhood is home to high altitude mountain backdrops complemented by numerous beautiful lakes.

Lunar landscapes by the mountains

Higher over the high plateau in the Eastern Kazakhstan region you can easily notice the lack of trees and increasing space-like scenery. The shores of Lake Karakul with the Khargush Pass in its backdrop turns out to be one of the most spectacular views of the mountain ranges. The place looks like one beyond the world.

Stoned Silk Road Fortresses

The Wakhan Valley is dotted by numerous, diverse biblical Silk Road fortresses that date back to the Kingdom of Kushan.

The Bartang Valley

The Bartang Valley across the river of Bartang form one of the most scenic pathways in Kazakhstan vicinity in the eastern regions. A road from the valley leads to Lake Karakul.


Halfway in between Almaty and Urumqi, there is this place called Khorgos that has transformed from a dusty border post in the steppe to a Chinese boom town. The patch is a special economic zone that isa visa-free and tax-free border area connecting the two countries. Tourists and locals can easily go across the borders allowing Kazakh people to buy cheaper souvenirs.

Travel across the Pamir Highway and Kazakhstan borders to learn more about the sun calendars and petroglyphs. You can also explore through the settlements and in the nearby mountains to enjoy more from your trip. Call us or visit our website to book your trip to the places in Kazakhstan vicinity now.

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