Kazakhstan People

Kazakhs :

Kazakhstan is a mix of Turkic tribes and nomadic Mongol, the Kazakhs migrated towards Central Asia in the 13th century and emerged as an ethnic group in the 15th century. The Kazakhs are considered as Turkic people although they have connections to Genghis Khan and the Mongols. Kyrgyz, Kazakhs, and Mongolians all have similar facial traits.

Now there are no nomads present anymore but they still, regard themselves as nomads from the heart. Kazakhs are the major group of people in Central Asia due to their close connections with Russians over a long period. In 1700s Russians started to expand into their territories while other groups remain isolated in Central Asia.

People Of Kazakhstan :

Kazakhstan people are known as Kazakhstanis and Kazakhs. It refers to the Kazakh ethnic group it can also refer to Kazakhstan residents, which are formally called Kazakhstanis although the term is not that widely used — at least in the Western press anyway. Kazakh is an old Turkic word that means “someone who is independent and free.”

If we recommend Kazakhstan, as a unique country then it is only because of its people. The Kazakhs did not form the majority of the population upon independence in 1991. Number of Kazakhs got shifted to Kazakhstan after independence, and numbers of non-Kazakhs mostly Russians migrated so that Kazakhs can make a preponderance of Kazakhstan population.

The Northern part of the land is populated mostly by Ukrainians and Russians while Kazakhs are more common in the south and other prevailing citizens include Uzbeks, Germans, and Tatars. Over one hundred different nationalities reside in the country.

What Are Their Lives Like?

Like nomadic shepherds, the Kazakhs lived in dome-shaped felt tents called yurts.

Kazakh people were forced to move in the city and to live in small houses or apartments which have running water. The water is clean, but not safe to drink.

The main part of the Kazakh culture is hospitality, which always starts with a cup of tea. People offer tea to everyone who comes over.

They eat a variety of dairy products and meat. A popular Kazakh food is Besbarmak, which is eaten by hands, and it is made of potatoes, noodles, onions, and mutton. Rice and bread are common staples.

What Are Their Beliefs ?

Kazakh’s, traditional folk religion includes faith in spirits. They follow animism and ancestor worship. Ancestor worship involves praying and offering sacrifices to deceased ancestors. Animism is the belief that non-human objects have spirits.

Kazakhstan has many beautiful scenarios to see and citizens of Kazakhstan treat tourist with great love and affection.

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