Kazakhstan Transportation

The transport system of Kazakhstan, well developed, it consists of rail, intercity buses, mini-busses, taxis and car rental. Buses, trolleybuses, and the subway are quite a useful system of public transport, and it covers the entire city nowadays.

Metro In Kazakhstan

The first metro line was opened on 1 December 2011 in Kazakhstan, after the 23 years of construction. A 2.9-kilometre (1.8 mi), a two-station extension of the Metro to Moskva station opened on 18 April 2015. It became a good medium of transportation.

Buses And Trolleybuses In Kazakhstan

Almaty has over 88 bus routes and 8 trolleybus routes. You can get nearly anywhere in Almaty by using the bus routes. To pay for the bus ride, you will need a top-up card, which you can buy for 400 Tenge at a kiosk or metro station. The card is only valid in Almaty and can also be used for the metro. Locals have travel cards, which are activated in the validator.

Bike Rental In Kazakhstan

If someday you will be in Kazakhstan, do not think that your only options for getting around our feet and public transport.

You can hire a motorcycle too. Find the best deals on motorcycle hire in Almaty, firstly compare the prices on motorcycle rental then, read reviews of previous customers and at last rent a motorcycle with the best price guarantee.

Railway Stations And Trains In Kazakhstan

Taking the train in Kazakhstan is a great way to get around in this vast country, provided you have enough time to roll through endless steppe country and great expanses of desert landscape. It is a cheap way to travel Kazakhstan in comfort, meeting locals along the way. In Almaty, there are 2 railway station, note where your train arrives.

Long Distance Buses In Kazakhstan

Intercity bus service is faster than trains but isless comfortable. Time on the road from Shymkent to Almaty – 12 hours. But it is hard to find out a reliable schedule of buses in advance, you can only ask about it at the departure station.

Minibusses To The Neighboring Cities Of Almaty

Minibusses are an important transportation facility in Almaty. One serves the direction to Bishkek and the other.

Taxi Or Car With A Driver

If you need a car to see the sights of the city and beyond, the budget option can be found on the same stations. Bargaining is recommended. Usually, you can pay will tenge, dollars, and rubles. It all depends on the driver’s loyalty.

A taxi for two persons from Almaty to Charyn Canyon is also an option.

Car Rentals In Almaty

In Almaty, you can book a car and travel around.

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