Kazakhstan Railways

Kazakhstan is the biggest landlocked nation in the world, with Russia bordering it from the North, China from the West, down in the South there is Uzbekistan and the Caspian Sea in its Western Border.So the best way to travel around is by local trains or flights.

There are also railway connections between the largest cities like Astana, Almaty, Aktau, etc.So, Kazakhstan Railways will help you to go through every city in Kazakhstan without any difficulties.While traveling in a train, you will get to see the beautiful roads of Kazakhstan and most fascinating sights of the mountains and other landscapes.

You can head along to Almaty, a place full of apples. It has numerous museums, cafes, theatres, and art galleries; enough to fulfill your romantic side.

Seat Choice

In Kazakhstan, fast trains do not have a platzkart option there are 2 types of SV: Grand (with ensuite toilet and shower), and Business (regular SV). Kupe class is called Tourist for fast trains. Slow Kazakh trains have the Kupe (4-berth wagon), official Soviet platzkart (open wagon), and SV/Lyux (2-berth wagon) options.

Train Choice

Now all days the Kazakh Railways booking site is displaying the proper information of the facilities in the train, with pictures. It comprises the build year of the wagons and the likelihood of the air-conditioning to work. Click the train number, and then click the ‘description’ link just below the train number in the following window.

Buying Tickets Online

This can be done immediately from the Kazakh Railways booking site. These are some of the tips for booking a ticket online.

  • You could only pay with a CIS-country bank card, but it seems now everyone is allowed to book online.
  • You can also buy tickets online through Tickets kz, Tutu, and Rzd.
  • You get a printable e-ticket, no need to go to any train station in advance.
  • Watch out with Rzd: If the train holds ‘ЗР’ under the train logo, the train is e-ticketable and you’ll get a print-at-home e-ticket. If there is no ‘ЗР,’ then you have to collect a conventional ticket at a Russian railway station.

There are many trains those who have retained their Soviet names, which makes it difficult to find them in online booking platforms. These are:

Place You Want To Go To Old Name Needed For Booking

Almaty    Alma Ata (1 or 2)

Aqtau   Mangyshlak

Shymkent   Chimkent

Ust-Kamenogorsk    Zachita

Like in other places of Central Asia, all important train stations have a luggage room open 24/7 where you can deposit your luggage for a small fee.

Stations in Kazakhstan were built during Tsarist times and have opulent pre-Soviet interiors and exteriors. Well worth to have a look.

Stations have (very basic) hotels attached to them.

These are very cheap places to sleep.

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